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Alysia Kezerian Didn’t Let a Wheelchair Stop Her From Travelling the World
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Alysia Kezerian Didn’t Let a Wheelchair Stop Her From Travelling the World

In the town of Danville, California resides a world traveler named Alysia Kezerian. She’s a recent college graduate who has already visited more than half the countries in Europe. If that wasn’t impressive enough, she did all that while confined to a wheelchair. Alysia was hiking at Smith Rock State Park when she slipped and tumbled down the steep terrain. The accident damaged her ability to walk which made her despair over whether she would ever be able to travel again. She had always loved to travel since a young age and has been all over America and Europe. After the accident, the possibility of never traveling again left her overflowing with sadness.

During her rehabilitation treatment at Craig Hospital, Alysia met a lot of people who were also in a wheelchair. With that exposure, she learned that traveling wasn’t impossible for her like she thought. During her Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy she realized she could go anywhere she wanted, without facing as many problems as she had anticipated. So she enrolled herself in Vienna to study International Marketing, and since then, her journey has been one amazing ride.

Kezerian has visited countries like Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, and France. Traveling in a wheelchair does come with its own set of special demands. Wheelchair accessibility has to be kept in mind at all times. Needs which cannot go unfulfilled, like going to the bathroom have to be planned beforehand so as to avoid any hassle. Even with so many obstacles restricting ease of travel, Alysia moves forward with a positive mindset. She plans everything before executing it. She usually looks up places which have wheelchair accessible restrooms. She also makes sure that there are functioning elevators at the places that she stays and that wheelchair accessible vehicles are available for her local travel purposes.

Alysia believes in moving forward and plowing down every obstacle that comes her way no matter how many. She prefers putting on a smile and going about her life as she usually did.

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