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An Appeal to Make Bucks' Buses Wheelchair-friendly
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An Appeal to Make Bucks' Buses Wheelchair-friendly

It would be a great help to make Bucks County’s buses wheelchair-friendly. Having buses that accommodate wheelchair users would be very beneficial to wheelchair users like Linda Romberger. That is why a campaign was done to make an appeal requiring the county’s buses to be accessible for wheelchair users.

Linda Romberger, one of the many wheelchair users in Bucks County, requires the assistance of others in order to do her daily routine. She has been using a mobility chair for over a decade. She suffered from a life-altering condition that required her to undergo a baffling 20 surgical operations that included knee replacements and removal of all her toes as a result of gangrene due to diabetes.

She is an amputee and greatly needs the help of her husband and other family members and friends to accomplish her activities of daily living. And one of the many things people around her do for her is taking her to area houses of worship where community meals are offered and provided. Because her husband earns roughly $50 a week and she has a disability cheque of only $318 a month which is not quite enough to make ends meet, she needs to travel every day for meals.

But to Romberger, it is quite a hassle and a bit costly for her husband and others to drive her back and forth to the area. But she does not want her husband and her friends to be spend their money on gasoline when they can spend it on more important things like food or paying house rental. Unfortunately, there is nothing she can do; she cannot take the county’s bus for such rides because it does not accommodate her wheelchair.

Romberger’s situation, along with other individuals with special needs, led to the community-wide campaign that aims to help Romberger and people like her by making an appeal stating that the Bucks County buses be made wheelchair-friendly.

The campaign is a collaboration among The Intelligencer, Comcast Corporation, Bucks County Courier Times and several county foundations and charities. Their goal is to raise $200,000 wherein the first $60,000 will be spent on purchasing a handicapped-friendly or wheelchair-accessible bus. The remaining $140,000 will be allocated to renovating Bucks County Emergency Homeless Shelter located in Bristol Township.

The county’s homeless outreach coordinator, Christine Jandovitz, boldly stated that Bucks County desperately needs a wheelchair-accessible bus to accommodate wheelchair users. Without such kind of transport, it will be difficult to help wheelchair users who need a ride to go to places like hospitals. To Jandovitz, one way of reaching out to those who cannot help themselves any further is by making a wheelchair-friendly bus available.

The campaign and the appeal to have a handicapped-friendly or wheelchair-accessible bus in Bucks County will be a huge benefit and support to people like Romberger. Hopefully, as soon as possible, even just a single bus that accommodates wheelchairs will be roaming around the county.

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