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Enterprising Young Boy is Dedicated to Learning
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Enterprising Young Boy is Dedicated to Learning

With great technological advancements, wheelchairs are being redesigned to better fit the needs of the users. There are already wheels created for people who play basketball, who race on rough road, and there are even chairs that can take vital signs. But a young boy discovered and introduced a new and useful feature of his electric powered wheelchair – using it as a snow plow.

Reece Delashmit suffered from a traumatic brain injury in May 31st 2008 at the age of five. The incident paralyzed him and made him unable to speak. But his father, Rick, is very positive and supportive of his son’s recovery that presently, at the age of 11, Reece is able to construct simple sentences through the use of his communication device and roam around via his battery powered wheelchair.

Reece, despite the tragedy, has always been cheerful and energetic. He never stops trying to learn even the most basic and simple things. With the support from and love of his family, Reece was able to recover from the effects of the brain injury he suffered six years ago.

Recently, Reece experienced his first snowfall with his wheelchair. Reece took his wheels out of the house and had some time having fun and enjoying the snowy scenery. While in the snow, he discovered that his wheelchair can be used, aside from helping him cruise around their neighborhood, as a snow plow.

He was so delighted with the new useful feature of his electric powered mobility device. He was so happy to help his brother plow the thick snow to clear their front door path and even the curb near their house. He was more than amazed of what his chair can do.

His father, Rick, filmed Reece plowing the snow in front of their home using his battery powered wheelchair. He wanted to document every single moment when Reece achieves something. Reece, in the video was enjoying his time while plowing a snow-covered path using his wheelchair.

This young boy, despite the accident he encountered, discovered something useful and for his part, enjoyable. Instead of focusing on the struggles he faces due to his physical limitations, he aims his attention in discovering and learning new things.


Photo Courtesy Flickr Creative Commons

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