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An Exciting Leg for a Robot Wheelchair
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An Exciting Leg for a Robot Wheelchair

Today’s technological advancements allow engineers and other science experts to innovate the wheelchair. One of the latest wheelchair concepts is the robot wheelchair that is capable of climbing stairs or trudging uneven paths by making its wheels move like legs. Amazing, isn’t it?

Japan is one of the leading countries when it comes to the fields of scientific research, machinery and technology. This country which is popular for its electronics products, once again presents its latest invention – the robotic wheelchair with leg-like motions.

The Chiba Institute of Technology or CIT located in the aforementioned country presents their recent concept of the wheelchair. The group of technological and electronics experts led by Professor Shuro Nakajima stated that this latest technological innovation is about a robotic wheelchair that can climb stairs or go up on uneven surfaces. They built the wheelchair wherein its bases circles on the five axes along with a four-wheel drive.

With those built-in axes, the robotic wheelchair is capable of a variety of movements. Normally, the robot rolls along on its wheels. But if it detects a step or high path, it uses its wheels as legs to get over the ditch or to climb the step. The user will just have to direct the robot to which way it should go by making use of the joystick provided.

The robot is developed with the ability to automatically assess the path it goes. When it senses that the surrounding terrain is not flat, it moves appropriately to overcome the obstacle or get through the bumpy road.

Another amazing ability of this robotic wheelchair is that when it moves on an uneven path or ground, it manages or controls the seat by making sure that the seat remains level so that the user will not fall when it tries to manage its way on the obstacles. According to the developers, the robot is able to do this because they built a sensor on the base. The sensor allows the robotic wheelchair to see if there are bumps, trenches or uneven surfaces nearby. The sensor also lets the robot assess the size of a step and its distance from a ditch or step.

Nakajima added that the robot is created and developed with various sensors which it can use in combination. However if an error happens and the robot touches an obstacle, its wheels twisting movement will then vary in which the robot can make use of it as back-up so it can move across the obstacle.

An additional feature that can be seen in this high-tech wheelchair is its ability to extend its stabilizers to either on the right or left and line up its wheels allowing it to turn around. This ability makes it easier for the robotic wheelchair to reverse, even if it is in a narrow area or space. The robotic wheelchair by the Chiba Institute in Technology in Japan is another breakthrough in the field of technology and electronics. The team behind this marvelous technological development is making the robotic wheelchair with “legs” concept into reality.

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