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An Unbelievable Act of Kindness: Meet Dan Black
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An Unbelievable Act of Kindness: Meet Dan Black

Self-Sacrifice It is easy to give away $1,000 if you have a million dollars. It is easier to work in raising money for your needs than it is to raise money for others. It is easier for us to chase our dreams than to give them up so that others may have theirs. That's a general rule for all of us. But here's a story that would change your mind about our inherent nature as human beings.

Meet Dan Black, a bright young man with what used to be a promising future. He used to play the guitar, ride the bike and like all the other young adults of his age was looking forward to living his normal life. But that all changed when he got hit by a car on his way to work. He broke his backbone causing his lower body to be paralyzed. Now, he can only make use of one arm because of a stroke.

But that didn't stop him from dreaming. He clung on to the dream that experimental stem cell treatment could help alleviate his condition. Through that, he was able to raise £20,000 or $30,000 for his experimental treatment. But then in an ultimate change of heart, he decided to do something else. He decided to donate the funds instead to a young boy who had a better chance than him. The boy's name is Brecon Vaughan. A five year old who was born with spastic diplegia cerebral palsy.

Unlike Dan Black, the treatment for Brecon had a better chance for success. Dan knew this and was just happy to have made a difference. Looking at Dan's video on Youtube, a mixture of emotions grasped at my consciousness. Here was a man who was willing to forego all his ambitions, dreams and as a matter of fact his very well-being for the benefit of another person.

Perhaps the most powerful message that he said was this, ‘I’m incredibly grateful to everyone who has helped me out but this boy needs it more than I do at the moment."  In these days it is very rare for us to hear of stories like these. I would think that this random act of kindness by one stranger to another, exhibits the best in all of us specially during a time when we have all become so obsessed with the bright and shiny things. It is painful to say or hear of it, but we have at times become too self-absorbed. We have focused too much on posting our #selfies, or posting about our new gadgets and things. Hopefully, Dan and Brecon would not only serve as our inspiration. But more importantly, wake us up from our deep slumber. So today, I'm encouraging you whether you are an able-bodied individual or a differently abled one to do something for another person spontaneously. Do something nice for somebody else - do something remarkable in your own little way. Because maybe, just maybe, we could all find our humanity in the random acts of goodness that we impart to each other.      


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