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An Unforgettable Lesson
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An Unforgettable Lesson

It is inevitable that people learn the hard way. Most of us would not stop doing what is wrong until something bad happens. That is why those people who are not authorized to park in a certain zone receive such an unforgettable lesson.

There are cities that reserve parking spaces for disabled people. And you will know that such zones or spaces are for the disable because there is a wheelchair symbol indicated on that area.

Parking zones intended for disabled people are usually located closer to the entrance and the spaces are wider than regular parking spaces. That is why there are people who take advantage of parking their cars on these special zones.

Even for just a mere 20 seconds, anyone who is not disabled is not allowed to park their cars or automobiles in the disabled parking zones. However, there are those who do not obey, even if the sign is already too obvious.

Neglecting such policy is something that people should never do. But somehow, there are those who just do not understand, or are just too inconsiderate of those people who have physical limitations or immobility.

That is why, a certain Brazilian guy decided to play a prank to teach those bunch of hardheaded people a lesson. For every single person who parks his or her car on that special zone, the Brazilian guy creates graffiti on the car’s hood representing the zone’s very symbol – the wheelchair.

The prank is to make those disobedient citizens realize that they are parking on the wrong zone, or make them aware that they are being disobedient to policies and being inconsiderate to disabled people. The prank was done to a number of people, because unfortunately, there are really a good number of disobedient drivers and car owners.

As the Brazilian prankster goes around the city looking for unauthorized parking, he sprays the water-based erasable paint with the wheelchair symbol. He then hides and waits for the owner of the car. He records the frustrated and angry reactions of those car owners who found a wheelchair on their automobiles.

The prank maybe annoying but that should serve as an unforgettable lesson to those who do not know their right parking space. It is somehow a relief to see those people learn the hard way.

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