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Angels are Changing Lives in India
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Angels are Changing Lives in India

Angels are believed to be people’s guardians, protecting them from harm and shielding them from danger. And now there are “angels” who have been changing people’s lives in India. And these are the kindhearted and passionate members of the Wings of Angelz.

It all began with a friend unable to enjoy a film in a movie theatre because she could not watch it while sitting in the audience row. She was using a wheelchair and in order to have a clear view of the movie, she needed to sit on her wheelchair while it is placed in the wide walking space in between two rows of seats. Being seated in the aisle was quite frustrating and hurtful.

Seeing her friend’s plight, Mayuri Verma was saddened and pained. What she witnessed drove her to do something so that situations like that would never happen again. And so she began to act, along with other people who have the same desire as hers, in order to help her dear friend and other people who use wheelchairs.

And so she became the head of the Wings of Angelz or WoA, Bangalore chapter. Wings of Angelz is a social initiative aiming to spread awareness about the need to make public places wheelchair-friendly or wheelchair-accessible. Mayuri and the members of WoA have been working together to simply let people, especially government officials and other high ranking members of the society, know, help and give funds to build ramps in public places to lessen the difficulty wheelchair users sometimes experience.

The initiative often gather and conduct meetings in order to discuss what to do and what interventions to make in order to make their appeal become a reality. Mayuri stated that during their meetings they would agree to assign a number of their volunteers to talk to authorities and convince them to make necessary changes that will make structures and other public areas user-friendly to everyone.

And also, in order to raise awareness, WoA members post pictures in their Facebook showing places inaccessible to wheelchairs. Through these photos, they hope that people will realize there are a lot of places that lack the basic facilities needed to create accessibility for wheelchair users.

For many years, WoA volunteers have been working hard to spread awareness and to change things for the better. They have been very dedicated and committed to making their campaign – making the world wheelchair-friendly – into reality. And indeed their efforts are slowly paying off.

Today, most public places in Dubai are already wheelchair-friendly. Two places in New Delhi have ramps already installed. And in five more locations, the building of ramps has just been initiated.

Mayuri said that they are doing all these because they want to see change; they want things to change for the better. She further stated that seeing people with a disability treated with the respect they deserve is very rewarding. With WoA’s dedication, commitment and passion to make a difference, the world will soon become a better place.

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