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Anger Management
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Anger Management

I have to maintain a level of coolness when I go shopping and have to use the wheelchair, or assisted shoping cart. It usually is within two stores I frequent, and I am amazed at the rudeness of some of the other customers. I get so many negative comments and attitudes for having to use any assistance. I do not lash out at them or act mad or hateful back. Yes, there are those that play with the assisted carts because they think it is funny or exciting, so I understand some of their reasoning. However, a better man walks away from such drama, when I know it is their lack of intelligence. Their is no need to judge a person who is disabled because they dress nice and look presentable. I do my best to try to educate them when needed. Do NOT let these people get you to become a bitter or angry person. No matter our disabilities, we are alive, and need to enjoy what life we have left.

I tried to avoid using my wheelchair many times to try to avoid such negative drama, only to hurt myself more by falling many times. I can not go on doing that, and have made the best effort to handle this in a better way. Even for the most confrontational encounters, I carry a sheet of paper with my listed issues from the doctor. 

I do not yell at them back, and just ask to speak with them for a moment. When shown the sheet of paper, or mostly just explain what happened to cause my condition, apologetics are given, and I go on with my shopping.

By having a positive and professional attitude towards them to explain how they were wrong to begin with, I hope I am helping others that are in wheelchairs to avoid this.

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  1. RichardMajors
    Anger should be managed so that we can avoid bad situations. There are numerous examples that people have done blunders in anger. People usually go with the flow of anger and they can check more at in order to complete the task. They should try to control it and manage the situation.
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  2. Larry Lopez
    Nice insights. I am also under going anger management and still practices them. It helped me a lot especially while working at
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