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My Thoughts on Assisted Dying
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My Thoughts on Assisted Dying

Apologies for the rather depressing subject but the ‘right to die’ is an issue that, as a disabled person, I’m unsure where I stand (that isn’t a joke) on the matter and would like to discuss it further. I have always been against the idea because of the slippery slope it creates ethically speaking. For example, if the law was changed in Britain to make assisted suicide legal, whose to say an estranged son would not kill of his ill dad in order to get inheritance money and claim that his father had asked him to do the deed? Also, if it becomes legal to kill off another human being so to speak, hospital managers might start turning off machines without getting the family’s permission just to free up beds…

These may seem like absurd suggestions but it just highlights the complexity of the matter and that legalising euthanasia would create a snowball effect. There might be someone who desperately wants to die and even battles in court for that right to be granted. I totally respect that wish and feel that if they have the cognitive ability to make a coherent decision, it is completely down to the individual. Therefore I do believe in assisted dying but do not think it should become a universal law across the United Kingdom. Each case is completely different, so having one rule for all is dangerous.

My two main concerns about making assisted suicide legal are that deciding you want to die is not a decision that should be made lightly. If the law makes it ‘easier’ to die, nothing could stop someone waking up and saying, "I want to die" without thinking about it properly. Secondly, there have been cases where people have become suddenly better out of the blue, so choosing to die is something you cannot rush into. Again if it is done case by case and there is some sort of paperwork involved, it would give you time to asses whether it’s the right decision.

This is my current opinion and is based on the fact I am not in pain and my life is relatively good. However, my situation may get worse (hopefully not) and my view on euthanasia could change in years to come.

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  1. Dan Cypress
    Love the insights. I think I won't handle it like you do when it will happen to me. Luckily, I have friends at
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