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Awesome Non-Profit Provides Wheelchairs for Uninsured Children
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Awesome Non-Profit Provides Wheelchairs for Uninsured Children

Operating out of the Denver area, Kids Mobility Network is a nonprofit that seeks to outfit children with recycled wheelchairs, other types of mobile assists, and general medical equipment at no cost to their families. Founders Peter and Christy Kopp started the organization after seeing how their own daughter, Kayla, quickly outgrew her wheelchairs growing up. 

The Kopps were consistently left with a wheelchair no longer useful to them and in need of a new one. Peter comments, “Kids outgrow this stuff like they do pants or shoes. The only difference is this stuff is terrifically expensive. Our whole idea is to provide independence, safety and mobility to the kiddos.” 

Most of the equipment that comes through the nonprofit is donated by families similar to the Kopps who are moving on to equipment that better accommodates their changing needs. Through the organization’s partnership with medical professional T.D. Schenck, each piece is refurbished to fit another child who is met with individually to assess their needs. 

The recipients are primarily families with little or no insurance. Since its start in 2005, Kids Mobility Network has had almost 1,100 wheelchairs, other walking assists, or general medical equipment go out from their facilities to children across the nation – a value of $3.5 million that has stayed in the pockets of their parents.

The Pediatric doctors in Denver are in strong support of the mission of the organization. They highlight the importance of handicapped children being given mobility to normalize their lives as much as possible as well as increase their self-esteem.

About Kids Mobility Network: 

Kids Mobility Network was founded by Peter and Christy Kopp.  As the parents of Kayla, a child with disabilities, the Kopp family realizes first- hand the benefit of durable medical equipment ("DME") to children and their families.

After Kayla out grew her first wheelchair, the Kopp family tried to find an organization that would find a new home for Kayla's wheelchair with a child that could benefit from using this excellent wheelchair.  It was soon discovered that such an organization did not exist in Colorado, so the Kopps developed Kids Mobility Network.

The mission is to provide children with durable medical equipment to provide better access to their communities.


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