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Awkward Wheelchair Moments
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Awkward Wheelchair Moments

It's not always easy to be ahem, graceful in a wheelchair. Here's some of my recent favorite Awkward Wheelchair Moments:

Awkward Moment #1:

A person exiting a building tries to "help" by opening the door for you while still standing INSIDE the building and then wondering why you are not passing through. Do you wanna lose some toes, people?! #PeopleWhoThinkThey'reHelping

Awkward Moment #2:

Loading my chair into my Honda Element, as I have done hundreds of times before, a man comes running towards me from across the street. He has a look of desperation on his face as if he cannot possibly get to me fast enough. It's as if he is in a slow motion scene from a romantic comedy, running towards his long lost love. With arms out stretched he starts yelling "Doooooo yooooooou neeeeeeeed heeeeelp?" After I respond back with a polite "No thank you!" he continues running, but with a look of persistence this time "Leeeeeeet meeeeee heeeeeelp yooooooooou!" "Um, no, really it's okay - I'm good, thanks!" Panting, out of breath and clutching his chest he replies "Are you shhh-sure?" "Yeah, I'm sure." At this point, I just start feeling bad for the poor guy-- I have practically knocked the wind out of this stranger, in his desperate need to "help". #WhenGoodIntentionsGetAwkward

Awkward Moment #3:

Getting stuck in six inches of snow while leaving work, and having to call your boss to send people down to help you. Where is the slow motion running man desperate to help when you need him? #ThankGodForCoworkers

Awkward Moment #4:

"Did you go to so and so high school/college/camp/conference/cruise/church, etc.?"

"Nope, sorry, that wasn't me."

What I'd really like to say: "Come on, people do you really think ALL women in wheelchairs look exactly the same?" #RUSerious?

Awkward Moment #5:

"How fast can that thing go? How many speeding tickets have you gotten in that thing? Better hurry up, he's beating you" (The latter question occurs when out with my wheeler husband.)

What I'd really like to say: "Better watch out or I'll run you over." #WheelchairsRNotTurboJets

Awkward Moment #6:

"Mommy, why does she have a wheelchair?" Mommy's response: "Because she broke her legs, honey."

What I'd really like to say: "Uh...yeah... that's it.... I broke my legs. Does agreeing with that answer mean I get breakfast in bed every morning?" #MommiesWhoMakeUpAnswers

Awkward Moment #7:

Passing people in the hallway who plaster themselves to the wall in an attempt to let you pass by. Just last week a 250+ pound construction worker dropped what he was working on and assumed a body search position against one wall with arms and legs outstretched, panicking that he had not created enough space for me to get by. "Oh, you're ok, I can get by," I replied.

What I'd really like to say: "I am under four feet tall and less than seventy pounds, much room do you think I need?!" #ThisHallwayIsBigEnoughForTheBothOfUs





I want to hear about YOUR awkward wheelchair moments! Share in the comments!

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  1. Broken English
    Broken English
    Voted. I loved this blog, hilarious! It is so important to keep a sense of humour, isn't it? You might be interested in my latest blog, Let's Accessorise! Check it out if you get a chance and please vote if you like it.:-)
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  2. pftsusan
    Voted. I offer to help a lot of people. I don't stand on the inside of the door, holding it open. I go the outside. I'm not upset when someone says no thank you. This is a good blog. I added you to my bloggers. I invite you to my current blog, "Introducing the Robotic Wheelchair That is Your Legs For Steps, Curbs and Turns". Please vote if you like it.
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  3. WheelerWife
    Glad you enjoyed the post! Yes, sometimes you just have to shake your head and laugh! Checking out your blogs now!
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  4. Lil Nana
    Lil Nana
    Voted...great blog...made me laugh, great visuals
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  5. Larry Lopez
    This made me laugh because it is so relatable! Me and my friends at would laugh about this based on our experiences.
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