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New Wheelchair Makes Basketball a Reality
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New Wheelchair Makes Basketball a Reality

He was so happy to play basketball for the first time. He held the ball and made a shot, and he smiled. Thanks to his new wheelchair, basketball became a reality to young David.

David Crosby, an 11-year old boy, was born with spina bifida, a congenital disorder where the embryonic neural tube is incompletely closed resulting to several physical complications such as leg weakness and paralysis. He has been on a wheelchair for years, and like many 11-year-olds, basketball is his dream sport. However, his condition made engaging in the sport difficult and the wheelchair he had been using was not suitable for the sport.

David had been using a traditional wheelchair which is still on loan since his old chair was broken. His family could not afford to buy a new one and he could not also have one that is Medicaid-approved since he is not yet eligible, according to his father William Crosby.

But just recently, Wheelchairs for Kids gave David two wheelchairs during a surprise presentation wherein Titus O’Neil, a World Wresting Entertainment Superstar, joined. The ceremony was held at Chiaramonte Elementary School last September 4. It was attended by David, his family and his classmates.

During the program, Madeline Robinson, the executive director of Wheelchairs for Kids Foundation, presented David the traditional wheelchair that costs $250. The chair will be for general and daily use. And O’Neil, who is known as Thaddeus Bullard outside the WWE ring, surprised the young lad with the $3,000 Top End Pro-2 All Sport Chair.

David got so excited with his new red sport chair that he exclaimed it was the greatest chair ever and he can now play basketball with the other kids. Mr. Crosby looked at his son and he was so delighted to see him so happy. He even said that the sport wheelchair will be something that David will greatly treasure.

O’Neil, upon giving the sport chair, told David to be a leader to his classmates. And to David’s friends, the WWE superstar reminded them that David is no different from any of the people around him even if he is on a wheelchair.

After the surprise presentation, David and O’Neil took the new sport chair to the basketball court to play one game. David was so thrilled and enthusiastic for he knew that with his new chair the game he dreamed of playing is now a reality.

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