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Bed to Wheelchair Transformer Looks Exciting
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Bed to Wheelchair Transformer Looks Exciting

Nursing is one of those jobs that require a lot of diligence and passion. The long hours, sleepless nights, and endless patients that rely on you for their health make nursing a job that is not for the faint of heart. The people who decide to go into nursing are usually those who have a passion for helping people and taking care of them.

While the job is very fulfilling for those who are passionate, it poses some dangers as well. One of the most common problems that nurses have to face is running the risk of personal injury while moving patients from their beds. This is why Bob Karwal thought of designing a bed for the patients that transforms into a wheelchair, an idea which is quite exciting indeed.

A Need for Technology in Basic Healthcare

According to the American Nurses Association, injuries are endured by more than 35,000 nurses and orderlies every year as a result of moving patients. Moreover, it’s not just the nurses who are at risk. The patients who have to stay in bed all the time face the risk of getting bed sores. These sores can be the reason for diseases like sepsis, which may be fatal.

These were the reasons that pushed Bob Karwal towards the idea of instilling technology into the seemingly basic task of moving bedbound patients. The exciting result of his work is a bed that transforms into a wheelchair, allowing for easier movement of patients.

The Birth of the IHP

Being an engineer and having experience with working on electric vehicles, Karwal thought of building an electric vehicle to solve the problem he saw. The result was the Integrated Healthcare Platform, or the IHP, which is a bed that can be turned into a wheelchair. It is completely drivable, and comes with brakes and a steering system.

More than a Drivable Bed

On top of allowing healthcare officials to move patients around with little to no effort, the IHP also has some more features to offer. It can alert the staff via a voice system if there is something wrong with the patient that needs immediate assistance. It can even diagnose a sudden problem in real-time, and pass that information on to the support staff through the internet.

The IHP can also help patients be more comfortable, thanks to its integrated heating and cooling system. Patients no longer have to worry about getting bed sores or muscle atrophy, because the IHP doesn’t require the use of a mattress.

Technology has verily changed our lives in various ways. There are machines and gadgets all around us that are designed to help make our lives easier. Seeing the use of modern technology, coming from the brains of an automotive engineer, in medicine and healthcare is a truly exciting idea. The transformer bed that can turn into a wheelchair has many possible applications in healthcare, and it is geared towards making the job a little easier for the nurses who make it a goal of their lives to help others.

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