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"Too Pretty to be in a Wheelchair"
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"Too Pretty to be in a Wheelchair"

It may be hard to believe, but some women are actually criticized for being too pretty. Sarah Wilson is one such example. Wilson is an online beauty blogger who runs her own website, sharing information about fashion and style. She also happens to be in a wheelchair. While out shopping for make-up, a stranger walked up to Wilson and told her that she was actually: “Too pretty to be in a wheelchair”.  

Wilson did not reply immediately, feeling confused by the comment. With reflection, she became enraged by this event and reported it on her personal blog. The stranger seemed to treat the comment as a compliment, but Wilson became very angry at the very idea that someone could say anything like that. She suffers from a syndrome known as EDS (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome), which causes sufferers to use crutches or wheelchairs due to pain in their legs and exhaustion.

Other online personalities in similar situations have shared their reactions to this news. Jordan Bone is a prime example. Bone is a popular YouTube video maker, with tens of thousands of followers. She does tutorials and reviews based around make-up and beauty products. She was also involved in a terrible car accident that left her paralyzed below the chest ten years ago. In response to Wilson’s story, Bone decided to make a video discussing her own experiences of dealing with fashion and beauty while suffering from a disability. Bone struggles to use her hands effectively and therefore, demonstrated via the video, how she uses her mouth to move and control various beauty tools. Bone said that she hopes her blog and videos can inspire hope and positivity in her followers.

Lucy Edwards is another online celebrity who suffers from a rare disease. It has led to her becoming entirely blind. Since losing her sight, Edwards has been forced to adapt the way she applies makeup and beauty products. She has several thousand online followers and continues to make videos to this day, sharing her own tips and advice for using makeup effectively. Her story is yet another inspiration to countless people and proof that, with positivity and courage, humans can adapt to difficult circumstances.

Magdalena Truchan, who goes under the online pseudonym of “Pretty Cripple”, suffers from paraplegia. This hasn’t stopped her from developing a successful career as an artist and designer. Fashion is one of her biggest passions and she works tirelessly each day to do her best and create beauty in her life. Finally, Tania Dutton also suffers from the same condition as Wilson, EDS. She chose makeup as one way to channel her creativity and emotions. All of these women help to demonstrate that, even with physical issues, everyone should be able to pursue what makes them feel good in their own skin. Each of these women have had to do battle with adversity in order to get where they are.

Now that. Is beautiful. 


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