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Best Car Features for Caregivers
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Best Car Features for Caregivers

Working as a caregiver is far from easy. The long days and stressful work make this a career unfit for many. However, choosing a vehicle well suited to the everyday needs of the profession can help to ease some of the stress.

Choosing a car for any specific purpose can be overwhelming. With hundreds of models, new and used, available, it can be difficult to do the necessary research to choose the car that is best fit for the needs of a caregiver. As a caregiver, there are many features to look for when searching for a new vehicle to meet the demands of your career.


Though reliability is a characteristic that any vehicle shopper should look for, it is especially important for those in a profession like caregiving. Knowing that you can make it to work each and everyday is crucial to your patient’s well being, so look for cars that have a good reputation.

Historically, Japanese made vehicles have had a reputation as the most reliable, but in recent years, most car manufacturers have stepped their game up. Caregivers shopping for a new car should shoot for something as modern as possible to maximize reliability.

Fuel Economy

Oftentimes, work as a caregiver can involve a fair amount of driving. Whether it is commuting from home to work, traveling from residence to residence, or even running errands with a patient around town, good fuel economy is a top feature to look for when searching for a new car.


Accessibility is quite possibly the most important feature to consider when shopping for a new car to meet your needs as a professional caregiver. Many newer model vehicles have lots of options that help make them more accessible than ever.

Starting in the mid-2000’s minivans began to feature doors that could open with the push of a button. This makes loading and unloading passengers, equipment, and other bulky items much simpler. Today, power doors are a standard feature on nearly every minivan on the market, but there has been significant innovation beyond opening at the push of a button.

Many of cars now feature a kick-activated lift gate, meaning that as long as the keys are on your person, it is possible to merely pass your foot under the rear bumper, opening the lift gate. This is a great feature for those who are regularly loading and unloading.

Ground clearance is another aspect of accessibility that is necessary to consider when searching for a vehicle to meet your needs as a caregiver. SUVs have many of the features that caregivers are looking for, like plenty of space, ample seating, and excellent safety ratings. Some SUV’s in today’s market even offer the ability to lower themselves, making it easier to load things and for passengers to get in and out.

Ultimate Car for a Caregiver

The Mobility Ventures 1 LX is quite possibly the best vehicle for caregivers on the market. Designed specifically with wheelchair accessibility in mind, the MV-1 does not sacrifice in other areas. The vehicle is equipped with a wheelchair ramp that offers 2 positions, a longer, lower angle ramp is easier to use, while the shorter, steeper option is best for tight parking spaces. The vehicle also allows for a chair to secured in the front seating position, which is not typically offered on most other handicap accessible vehicles.

The MV-1 does not skimp on quality in other aspects however. The vehicle features a self leveling suspension for a comfortable ride, low-step in height, and convenience packages that include extra power outlets. There is plenty of storage within the vehicle for anything you may need in your daily routine while the anti-slip mats offer excellent traction and are easy to clean. Available luxury packages offer wood trim, tinted windows and premium sound.  

Though the MV-1 is incredibly well suited for work as the vehicle of a caregiver, there are downsides. The MV-1 is purpose specific, meaning it excels at what it is designed to do. Outside of work, the MV-1 may not fit your personal needs.

If wheelchair accessibility is something your job requires, it may be in your best interest to search for a minivan or similar vehicle that has been converted by an aftermarket company. Though these are not quite as well suited for this line of work, they are a happy medium between daily driver and capable work vehicle.

Finding a vehicle that fits your professional needs as a caregiver can be difficult but is far from impossible. There are plenty of options available, but it is important to consider what you feel is most important for your specific needs. As a base, anything that is considered should be reliable, dependable, fuel efficient and easily accessible. Beyond those, it is up to you to determine what is the most necessary.

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