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Best Careers for Individuals with Disabilities
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Best Careers for Individuals with Disabilities

Fortunately, in the modern, digital world, people with disabilities have more career opportunities than ever before. Technology and internet connection enabled working-from-home options, which is very helpful for many disabled individuals. However, that doesn’t always have to be the case since many people with disabilities can efficiently work inside the office or company’s headquarters. Opportunities are multiple, but in our opinion, these careers are the best for individuals with disabilities.

Customer service

This area of business is vital for every organization. Those employees are the official representatives of the company. Most of the time, they answer customers’ questions, respond to complaints, orders, and calls. Call centres are usually located away from the company’s headquarters, in a room with large phone banks. Sometimes, workers are allowed to work from home since it is suitable for this role, which is really important for employees with disabilities. If you are a pleasant, hard-working person who enjoys helping people, this should be a job position where you can achieve a successful career. Also, this role doesn’t require more than a high school diploma, a few weeks of training, and maybe a bit of experience.


Writers can work from anywhere, which is essential for people with disabilities. The only two things you need are a laptop and a stable connection. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to work from home. There are many opportunities for corporate employment for workers with disabilities, where they can enjoy working at the company’s headquarters. There are many things one can do as a writer. You can write sales copies, newsletters, brochures, blog posts, but also some more demanding content such as e-books, expert articles, etc. On top of that, there are a few sub-categories, such as ghostwriting or technical writing, where you need a bit of experience and background knowledge in technology and science. When it comes to education, a college diploma in journalism or literature might be helpful, but it is not mandatory at all. 


Teachers or instructors are helping people to improve their knowledge and master new skills. It is an excellent job for people with disabilities. They can use their expertise and experience of overcoming the disability to teach people with or without that same issue. Also, online education is more and more popular, which is another great advantage for individuals with disabilities since they won’t have to leave the home comfort. Finally, careers as a teacher could be various. Language teachers are always welcome, as well as special education for children with disabilities. If you have been an athlete before you became disabled, you can still mentor young people and share your knowledge. 


As an accountant, you can be self-employed or work for various clients at the same time. Most of the time, your job would be to prepare and examine financial records, such as salaries or tax returns. Working for an accountant company is a way to go for many people. However, you can be an in-house accountant for a more prominent company or focus on one particular speciality (payroll, capital investments, tax returns, etc.). Options are multiple, and the point is to find the most suitable career for your affinities. This job doesn’t require too much education, but the experience might play a vital role. Hence, there are many employment opportunities for disabled workers in this area, especially for those with a bit of background.


Of course, this list could always be bigger. Every person should strive to work in the area which makes them happy. The same applies to individuals with disabilities – follow your passion, be good at what you do, and you’ll have a successful career.


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