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Botox - Treatment for Spasticity
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Botox - Treatment for Spasticity

I have been researching the effects of Botox on spasticity due to Cerebral Palsy. I have asked a few friends what their experiences have been with their Botox Injections.

(BOTOX Injections – Botox injected into the spastic muscles weakens the muscle groups and decreases spasticity. Each injection lasts approximately three to four months and has minimal side effects. )

Everyone had a different experience from life changing to I will never do that again. Usually the reasons for never doing it again were because muscles had been too relaxed and the person could not function until the effects wore off. Many experienced positive changes and were happy that they could continue walking without pain effecting daily living. Many have said that if it were not for Botox, they would be living with chronic pain and have to use a wheelchair to ensure quality of life.

I’m a little worried about trying it and losing the ability to stand and walk but getting rid of the pain outweighs any doubts I may have about this drug. I am miserable on a daily basis, I take Ibuprophin all day long to try to curb the pain, but in reality, it only takes the edge off. I have been so desperate even considered the SDR surgery to cut my nerves, so I am permanently relaxed. It’s a last resort kind of surgery for adults, and they are really picky about who they operate on. I wasn’t a good candidate.

Baclofen makes me sick in large dosages which would be the most effective for my stiffness, and I refused the pump, something about having a foreign thing in your side that freaks me out. I know they say, “It won’t make you sleepy if it’s in your spinal column," that’s not what people I know who have used it are saying. I know many people who have stopped the pump because they couldn’t function with it. I also know many who are doing fine and say it’s a life saver.

Guess what I figured out is don't listen to anyone else about their experiences. Your body will react differently to different treatments then your friend, even if they have the same type of Cerebral Palsy.

I’m still debating on the whole “BOTOX” thing. I’m a big baby due to my chronic pain, and my nerves react differently than most. They are always on high alert when it comes to pain, like someone stabbing a needle in your muscles. I should just put on my big girl pants and try it, the only way I’ll know if it helps me or not, and it’s not like I have any other choice…

Well, there is … Medical Marijuana, I’ll save my thoughts on that for a different blog post.

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