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Brawn on Wheels
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Brawn on Wheels

Bodybuilding competitions have been around for quite some time.  Now get ready to see something different. The first of its kind competition is all set to be held this year. Although, wheelchair body building may be a common sport in other parts of the world, the New Zealand Wheelchair Bodybuilding Federation (NZWBBF) is the first non-profit organization to build a platform for disabled athletes to showcase their talents. Read on to find out more about the Battle of Brawn on Wheelchair.

The NZWBBF has provided a unique opportunity for physically disabled individuals to compete with each other through various bodybuilding competitions. Stacey Lomax, who has been confined to a wheelchair since birth, is happy to be a part of the federation. He along with six other competitors is training hard for the upcoming competition.

Bodybuilding is one sport that allows wheelchair bound individuals to be included in a competition of this sort. Anyone can take part in bodybuilding and NZWBBF provides a strong platform to do so. Those who are interested in bodybuilding in a wheelchair can contact the organization and receive all the information that is essential to exceed in the sport.

The Brawn on a Wheelchair is decided via an online competition. In the live web event, the competitors send out their pictures which are judged by an experienced panel of judges. The organization aims to include as many wheelchair bound individuals as possible to create awareness that healthy lifestyle and gym training can be taken up by anyone.

We all know the individuals who are confined to wheelchairs are restricted in their seats for several different reasons. Some are there since birth while others have landed there as a result of an accident or ailment. Like-minded individuals get the opportunity to develop their physical strength, stamina, heart health, and confidence through body building techniques.

The president of NZWBBF, David Robson, marveled at the progress their competitors are making. According to him, the participants are taking part in training sessions at least four days a week, while putting in 2 hours in each session. He himself has competed in more than 19 competitions and had always dreamt of creating a similar completion for New Zealanders.

All those who have the ability to lift weights have the capability to body build. When wheelchair bound individuals can take part in basketball, table tennis, racing, bowling, and even football – then why not bodybuilding competitions? They, too, can wheel their way to the victory stand and show the world that they are the brawn on wheelchair.  Stay tuned for more information about the competition.

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