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Breadtags for Wheelchair
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Breadtags for Wheelchair

Social service is a crucial part of human life, and it has the power to bring a smile on the faces of people who are not as fortunate. Providing a person the chance to overcome his or her difficulties and rise above setbacks is a crucial thing that we can do for the ones in distress. This was the primary objective behind the Breadtags for Wheelchair project initiated by the Polystyrene Packaging Council, which is currently in operation.

The idea of collecting breadtags, and exchanging them for money to buy essential items which could go on to help people in need – is revolutionary. Breadtags are useful for keeping food fresh and edible, as they keep the contents fresh and the packaging closed and airtight. Exchanging them for a certain amount of money, so that organizations can buy materials to support lower class individuals and those in need, is a bright idea nonetheless.

The people involved in this task

Some groups and individuals came forward to help this project which was started early in 2016. The whole project being administered by Polystyrene Packaging Council, the work of collecting breadtags for recycling and delivering wheelchairs was taken up by the Sweetheart Foundation. The other companies that offered their valuable support were food processing firms such as Dischem, SASKO Pioneer Foods, and CE Mobility – who pledged long-term support to the endeavor.

According to the director of Polystyrene Packaging Council, one Adri Spangenberg, the Breadtags for Wheelchair project has reached out to nearly a hundred unfortunate individuals. The project to provide them with wheelchairs, so that they can move about on their own, has helped them find a degree of independence in their lives.

The impressive results of this humanitarian effort

One of the persons who received such wheelchairs “bought” with the money received from the collection and sales of breadtags, was a young African woman named Xoliswa Yabo. She was unluckily born with a hearing deficiency as well as defective legs, which limited her mobility and she would be mostly confined to a chair. This project of giving away wheelchairs to such people came to her rescue and helped her find a way to live without the aid of other people.

This was just one of the 80-odd instances of the positive vibes and the countless smiles that the project spread among the people who found the assistance of the Polystyrene Packaging Council. The organization came forward and endorsed this innovative idea to bring some differently abled people across all age groups into mainstream society.

some other facts about the project

The entire project was coordinated very carefully by the participating companies. Over 200 collection points were set up, and more than ten large-scale buyers of these products came forward with their financial help, as was described by Spangenberg. Also, in one instance, a local school came forward to organize the wheelchair distribution project.

The Breadtags for Wheelchair project is one of the several social service endeavors being undertaken by organizations worldwide. It is important that more such projects are initiated around the world so that we can reach more of these less-fortunate people with any aid we can afford.

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