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Bring Your Sexy!
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Bring Your Sexy!

The other day I had been invited to a disability women’s forum, and the women were talking about how they never feel sexy. This bothered me because I didn’t know so many disabled women had this issue. My friends have no problem with their sexy. 

I started to ask questions and realized that most of the women who didn’t feel sexy were women with very low self-esteem. To be sexy, to feel sensual, to have that hotness, you have to be confident in who you are before you meet someone. Don’t expect a man to give you your hotness. They have enough issues, trying to hunt your hot self-down for a date.

You have to own that before you date. It’s what attracts people to each other. Good relationships are built on confidence, because it’s sexy. If you don’t feel worthy, then no one else will think you are either. I have some tips that will help you bring on your sexy. Go get some lingerie for YOU and wear it under your clothes. You will start to feel a bit sexy. Do your nails, or have someone else do them. Get your hair done and buy cute clothes. Don’t be afraid to flirt. It’s so much fun, and harmless. Talk to and say "Hi," to many people. Make eye contact.

If someone isn't into you, you’ll know it pretty quick because they won’t ask you out. But we don’t care about that guy. We are looking for the one who sees just how amazing you truly are and appreciates every aspect of you, or at least tries to understand you. Go dancing with friends, off to comedy clubs, anywhere men are. Flirt, mingle, and have fun.

I have so many friends who are married, engaged, or dating at every level of injury. They have one thing in common. Each of them are confident in themselves, so they have attracted like-minded mates and are extremely happy now.

Be open and expect greatness. Expect to meet the man that is perfect for you. You put that out in the universe, and it comes back in a big way. Try to be as positive as possible.

Famous last words………… Own it! Know it! And most of all Work it!




*Photograph by roberthuffstutter


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