Rolling Without Limits

Your mobility may be limited. Your voice, boundless.

Can you see me?
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Can you see me?

After working with and connecting with people of all types of abilities, here are my reflections. They concern people, how we care for and can learn to understand each other. 

Burn Out

A term flung about.

It can mean being without.


Sleeping, eating, exercising.

Goes out the window.


When we care about everyone.

When we forget about ourselves.


Burn out.



It’s all intense color and I can’t switch it off or block it out.

When you feel angry, in pain, sad, frustrated, and helpless.

Here I am with you.

At this moment I feel as you feel. No need to tell me in words.


When you everything from everyone.

Overwhelming. Consuming. Whirlwind.

There for everyone, too busy to notice your own fatigue.

When you need alone time. To run away, up and down until you calm.


In the empath mind, my mind. “me” is tiny.

I forget that I have the same needs as you.

In caring for and thinking about you,

I utterly forget about me.


Can you see me?

I’m here, working hard.

Not acknowledging my additional needs.

You can see me, so am I here?


Invisible. Unseen. Forgotten.

Until my unmet needs come knocking.

Open the door, look I’m real, I’m your disability.


Now you see me. Call me by name.

Dyslexia, Mild Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy, ADHD,

Chronic Fatigue, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Diabetes Insipidus …

What do you call me? How do I affect you?


Hello there, I am your body.

I’m not an average body and brain.

But why should that stop you? Speaking, teaching, learning.

Listen, what I can do is different and that’s good.


So, take the time to know me.

Accept what I can and can’t do.

Bring new ideas and fresh ways of doing things.

Share me and use me to bring change.


See me now? I am you.



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