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Carbon Fibre Wheelchair is one of a Kind
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Carbon Fibre Wheelchair is one of a Kind

He desired to reinvent the wheelchair when he was about 14 years old. And today, he did. Made out of carbon fibre, a super cool wheelchair has been recently introduced.

Andrew Slorance lived a perfectly normal teenage life when in 1983 he suffered from an injury in his spinal cord after he fell from a tall tree he was climbing. At the age of 14, due to his injury, he began using a wheelchair. With the physical adjustments, challenges, and struggles Slorance faced every day, he thought that the only device that could help him go through it all was the wheelchair.

However, the standard or conventional wheelchair he was using offered minimal help, assistance and independence. To Slorance it was already terrible having a spinal cord injury and the wheelchair was making it worse. Because of such difficulties, he dreamed of reinventing the mobility device to be an extension of the user’s identity and a device to enhance or improve the user’s life.

After many years of thorough planning and strategic designing, the time for Slorance to revolutionize the wheelchair has come. It was in 2011 that this British inventor introduced Carbon Black, a mobility vehicle that is made of carbon fibre. Carbon fibre is a material consisting of filaments or fibers of carbon atoms that when bound together by heat or pressure becomes strong and lightweight.

It took Slorance six years to fund and develop the Carbon Black. But today, a lightweight wheelchair that is unlike any other in the entire globe has been made available for wheelchair users.

Carbon Black has the following advanced features and wonderful benefits:

  • Portable - It is the only lightweight chair that can be dismantled easily into portable parts or components so that it can be effortlessly stowed in the car. But what makes Carbon Black more amazing is that even if it is disassembled, the chair maintains its rigidity. It is also designed with rounded or curved edges so that it will not catch on car interior or clothing, making it uncomplicated to transfer.
  • Energy efficient – Carbon Black is ingeniously engineered to be energy efficient. Its incredible shock absorbing feature helps with easy pushing and smooth rolling.
  • Oil free – The mobility chair is designed to utilize dry bearing technology so there is no need for the user to put or apply oil on any part of Carbon Black. With this oil-free device, there is no need for the user or any person to worry about getting stains or oil on their clothes or on the car when disassembling and stowing the chair.
  • Optional LED light system – Carbon Black can be created or made with a built-in LED light system. This is greatly helpful and efficient for night time use. With the LED light system, paths will be safer and easier to travel after the sun sets. The light system is operated with an advanced touch switch seen under seat’s front corner.
  • Optional foot adjuster – This lightweight mobility chair can also be built with a foot angle adjuster. Since a common problem among users is keeping their feet firmly and securely on the footrest, especially when crossing rough paths or wearing low grip shoes, the user can choose to have a foot adjuster on his Carbon Black.

With Slorance’s Carbon Black, struggles and hardships wheelchair users go through daily are incredibly reduced. The features and the ingenious engineering and design of this high tech mobility chair allow disabled people to live every day of their lives with more convenience and comfort.

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