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A Change of Career
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A Change of Career

Commercial mowing has been my life for residential and commercial properties. Now that I am in a wheelchair, I can give homeowners advice and will be creating various wooden toys from a workbench I have designed to use while in my wheelchair. I used to build various crafts during the winter months when doing lawn-care, so this will just be an extended journey of it. I will post updates and photos of projects as I complete them.

Also, if anyone reading this has questions about their lawn; be it advice on treatments, damage, shrubs, trees or landscaping, send any pictures you can, and I will respond back to you as soon as I can.

I was also a handful during my teenage years and really put my family through it. Peer pressure only seems worse these days. If anyone has any questions about dealing with this, let me know. Also, if someone you love has been incarcerated for anything, I can give good advice on how to maintain the best they can, and how to prepare themselves for their release and future employment upon release. Putting together a functional resume for them is crucial, no matter their employment history, educational history, and skills. Think about it....if there are ten applications in front of a manager, and one of them had even the smallest resume attached to it, which one of them do you think will be picked up first??

Now that being in a wheelchair has affected my life, I want to help people with anything I can. I learned a lot having my own business for years and learned from many mistakes. 

During my stint in lawn-care, I held many jobs during the winter months. Some of these jobs were in the automotive industry, and I will not badmouth anyone in particular, but if you are having any issues that need to be serviced with your car, get SEVERAL opinions from DIFFERENT centers, no matter if you know the owners or not. I saw way too much craziness at a few places. I left a $19 hour job one day because I would NOT lie to the customer as instructed to do by the manager.

Not all of them do this!! I worked for some dealerships that where as honest as I ever thought one would be, so do not think they are all like that. I just advise to make sure you get several opinions and quotes before making the final decision. You will probably see the differences I am talking about when you do.

Okay.....I am going to wish you a great day, and look forward to talking to anyone.

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  1. Rolling Without Limits Support
    Rolling Without Limits Support
    Thank you for sharing your story. And welcome to the Rolling Without Limits community!
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  2. Fred Monty
    What an inspiring story. I actually did change a career while it fears me it didn't stop me. That's why I got the job at I am happy with it so far.
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