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Why and How to Choose a Stairlift for Your Home
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Why and How to Choose a Stairlift for Your Home

Whether you or a loved one are disabled or just experiencing the natural loss of mobility which comes with age, a stairlift can be the ideal piece of equipment to regain charge of your personal environment.

Regardless of the size or shape  or type of your living space, it is your home. It's your special private place, which represents your sanctum-- a place where you can feel safe, comfortable, and nurtured. If maneuvering your way around this space has become a fear-inducing rather than friendly experience, a stairlift might be just the equipment needed to make you feel at home once more.

Individuals without mobility issues can easily take for granted the ease of climbing stairs and going from one level to another. A two or three story house is the ideal way to make the most of the available space generally, but for individuals with disabilities or whose who are elderly, this is far from practical, despite the extra space it may afford. Some people may find the best solution is to move into a single story home, but for others, financial or other reasons do not make this a viable option. Whether it is a question of money or maybe the not wanting to move from a cherished home and neighborhood, installing a stairlift may well be the perfect solution. Start by contacting your local resource agencies or housing authorities, to find out what help they can give you.

One factor to take into account is in finding the best design if you have a condition that is likely to lead to physical deterioration. Although you may currently be able to use a seated stairlift, it may be better to consider installing a through-floor lift, so that you have the option of travelling in your wheelchair in the future. Consider who will operate the stairlift. Will it be operated by you, your caregiver, or both? Remote controls are available so that the lift can be operated by both users and caregivers, but it will be much easier to have these fitted at the time of the initial installation.

If money is an issue, make sure you shop around before deciding on the stairlift provider.  Due to the nature of the equipment, the lift will be tailored to your requirements, so fitters will need to visit your home in order to measure up and give you an accurate quotation.  There are many companies who offer a free estimate with no further obligation. Contact a few of these, and then compare the prices they offer.

Although your choice of stairlift will be partly dictated by the size and shape of the staircase in your home, there are a number of other features which you can select or decline according to your own personal taste. So that you can gain a more accurate idea of what is available, many of the companies offer a free trial unit, allowing you to test out a model which has been installed near your home. Enquire whether or not this service is provided before you commit to any particular stairlift vendor.

Mobility issues can have a far-reaching effect on many aspects of your life, but they certainly don’t have to limit your access to your own home. Installing a stairlift will allow you to navigate around your own home with ease. Don’t let mobility issues restrict you - regain your freedom with a stairlift.

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  1. Rolling Without Limits Support
    Rolling Without Limits Support
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  2. Saul Maynard
    Nice tips. I am planning on renovating our house after would finish my garden and I will take consider of this.
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  3. Juniper
    Who might you suggest for stair lifts in Jacksonville, FL? I found this company but Not sure how reliable they are.
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