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Cibleball is a New Sport Where People With And Without Disabilities Both Can Compete Under The Same Rules
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Cibleball is a New Sport Where People With And Without Disabilities Both Can Compete Under The Same Rules

Here comes Cibleball a new sport that does not discriminate between people with and without disabilities. It offers them a platform where they can compete with each other under the same rules.

An Iranian engineer-developer named Arash Kouzehkanani has developed Cibleball. Currently a Turkish citizen, Arash has a great interest in sports. He is a champion in shooting and fencing and loves to play basketball.

Since he had so much interest in these sports and also has working experience in mechatronics, as a result, he made the Cibleball. A multidisciplinary branch of engineering, mechatronics focuses on electrical and mechanical systems, which includes a combination of telecommunications, electronics, product engineering, robotics, systems, and control.

The Inventor-CEO, Cibleball, Akash Kouzehkanani said, "Cibleball was born as a combination of my background in basketball, fencing, and shooting as well as my professional experience. Cibleball provides an alternative visual sense. This means that players can see not with not just the eyes, but also ears and hands. This involves the senses of sight, hearing, and touch."

Back in 2015, the first version of Cibleball was invented by Arash but it was heavy and expensive. Soon after he teamed up with his basketball team-mate Behnam Jadidi and developed the new version which is cheaper and lighter.

The game is very simple, the player has to seat in the Cibleball and there is a ring placed at a height where he/she has to take shots as the closer the shot is taking to the center of the ring, the higher the score gets. The scoring system is designed in such a way that players with various disabilities can also take part. On the accuracy of throws, there is a sensory input that helps the player to throws exactly as a basketball player does after visually observing shots.

The seating system in the Cibleball is also accessible for paraplegics or people with lower limb disabilities. The primary requirement for competing also takes away the need to see.

Currently, Cibleball is in Iran and Turkey as a part of the sports curriculum in many schools. Recently, in Iran, there was a competition that included Cibleball.

As for further plans, Arash and Behram are also looking forward to having the first Cibleball international competition next year.

Image credit: Cibleball/ YouTube Screencap

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