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Climbing the Highest with ‘Jaipur’ Foot!
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Climbing the Highest with ‘Jaipur’ Foot!

Hello My Dear Friends,

So am here again with yet another blog…..or you could say the extension of my previous one, Lady Who Disowned the Disability. Seriously, could'nt resist the impulse to write further on what led this lady touch the sky, despite the foul trick that destiny had played on her.

My last blog said: “Gathering all her confidence back, and of course with the enduring support of her dear family members and that prosthetic Jaipur foot, she was able to stand upright physically as well as mentally.”

I was referring there to support of her family members, but hold on…what’s a "Jaipur" Foot?

Well, this was the prosthetic foot, the magic wand, that (the notable Indian dancer/actor) Sudha Chandran used to create magic and climb to the heavens!

The absolutely inexpensive and amazingly flexible wand was crafted in Jaipur, the capital city of the  Indian state of Rajasthan.

Started in 1975 as a humanitarian project by Mr. D.R.Mehta, in Jaipur, or Bhagwan Mahaveer Viklang Sahayata Samiti (BMVSS) today, the project now holds the aplomb of being the world’s biggest organization in providing artificial limbs to the handicapped.

The idea of brightening lives itself birthed from the darkest trauma that Dr. Mehta had experienced, viz a viz an accident in which his limb was crushed and almost gone. Miraculously it was saved. Realizing the pain created by fear of losing his basic physical abilities, he started envisioning every person standing on his or her own feet--physically and mentally!

The organization has achieved countless marvels, through changing lives of millions in doing the undone, mending the broken, enabling the disabled. Helping those individuals without being backed by any kind of governmental or political influence, .by just being a social organization run with charitable funds. They are efficient enough to provide high-end artificial limbs, shoes, wheelchairs, cycles, and all sorts of medical aids to the handicapped, at dime-store prices.

Not only this, the organization also rehabilitates, and supports the disabled emotionally as well as financially.

It presently engages in scientific and technical research, training doctors and technicians for further improvement on its services. It all started with successful fittings of just 59 artificial limbs. Now the number has reached a whopping 40,00,000.

The organization keeps setting up its camps in all parts of India and abroad in Manila, Nairobi, Nigeria, Rwanda, Uganda, Honduras, Panama, Trinidad and Tobago and other places, with the aid of Rotary Clubs, The World Rehabilitation Fund and other agencies.

Should you want them to set up a camp in your city, you can get in touch with them and take a first step toward enabling all around you climb their highest.

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  1. Ann
    A very good and informative blog specially for those who want to set up camps to help such enable people.
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  2. Winnie
    I know Jaipur foot. It is nice you are creating awareness about it here.
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    Thanks for Sharing very useful information about artificial limbs. I believe, its asthetically better than blades used by some renowed athletes. And looks like a very cheaper alternative. Me thinks that not only poor nations BUT poor people in rich nations can also benefit from this. Great Blog Shabs Online.
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  4. Akanksha
    Sudha Chandran is truly an inspiration. I came to know about jaipur foot through her story only. And yes, we must share awareness in our respective countries also so that more people can benefit from this. Glad you write about this Shabs!
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  5. Moni
    Good job -very meaningful blog shabs
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  6. Broken English
    Broken English
    Voted. Great blog as ever Shabs. Never heard of Jaipur foot, so it is a good job you have done in publicising this!
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  7. Broken English
    Broken English
    Hi again. I have just posted a blog you might be interested in on a similar theme - Heather, The One-Legged Model. Please check it out! :-)
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