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Co-Writer for People With Disabilities
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Co-Writer for People With Disabilities

I found this amazing program called Co-Writer. It's a program I used to use when I was in school. Co-Writer is a word prediction software that can significantly speed up the typing process for people with physical disabilities and/or some intellectual disabilities.

I went in search of a word prediction software, because I was increasingly frustrated with Dragon Naturally Speaking. I have cerebral palsy, which gives me speech clarity difficulties, which is often a problem for speech recognition software. I found an old teacher on Facebook and she reminded me about Co-Writer. I have to say that Co-Writer has been a blessing to my blogging and other writing aspirations.

Typically, Don Johnston corporation deals with schools and School Districts, but you can still purchase Co-Writer even if you are not a part of any school. Co-Writer combines word prediction with speech recognition. Speech recognition is still great for those days I feel too fatigued to type, while world predictions is great for noisy environments that are not conclusive for speech recognition.

Co-writer with speech recognition is a Google Chrome extension and it only cost $5 a month. I highly recommend this program and feel that my writing is more fluent with Co-Writer. The writings I love to do are no longer a tedious exercise. Now, I can try out for potential writing assignments, because I can meet deadlines more efficiently. I also can write more quickly, which means this means I can try out for more stuff.

Maybe now my dream of becoming a freelance writer can come true now. Writing is my passion for life. No matter the profession, you need the right tools to complete the job. I now feel like I have a fighting chance. Who knows, maybe with the help of Co-Writer, my next book will put me up there with the great Stephen King.  

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