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Cocoons: A Weighted Blanket To Help
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Cocoons: A Weighted Blanket To Help

My best friend is paralyzed from the chest down. She's a wonderful lady, one of the strongest I know. When I asked her about ideas for articles, she laughed and told me "Well, why don't you mention what you did for me?"

A Small Gift Can Do Big Things

When I looked at her in confusion, she pointed off to the blanket folded up neatly on the couch. It's pink, her favorite color, with embroidered unicorns on it because I love to joke around about how special and rare she is, like a unicorn. Because to me, she's exactly that. I'll never know another soul like her, one so patient and caring and always there for me. That blanket was a Christmas gift six years ago.

I got the idea after sleeping at her house one night. She likes to nap on the couch in the afternoons and would bundle a blanket around her legs to keep the spasms from jerking them off while she slept. I had walked in on her with one leg on the floor and the blankets soon following, completely asleep and a touch of drool on her cheek. Ever the graceful woman, she is.

Making a Weighted "Cocoon" Blanket

But that gave me an idea. It's well known that weighted blankets are used for special needs children and adults with ADHD, and many more disorders. They're comforting, at the very least, and incredibly useful. So, I set to work the next weekend. I patched together a beautiful, soft pink blanket for her, and along the inside, I stitched a thick pocket. There are some words sewed there, a silly joke between the two of us, and the pocket opens up where she can place a weight inside of it.

Her favorite weight to use is a heating pad, of course. It's pretty ingenious of her to take my idea and make it even better, but I'm not surprised in the slightest. She stuffs that pocket full and snaps it shut, then she can easily tuck it under her knees when napping on the couch. The blanket doesn't come undone, her legs aren't flying all over the place, and her blanket doesn't end up on the dirty floor anymore!

The sight is adorable. She's a big pink burrito. Of course, having a high-quality home medical bed and mattress can go a long way toward finding the comfort that you seek in addition to a cocoon blanket. I hope this idea may help someone else in the future, as well!

Image credit: Photo by teaandcakes on Flickr.

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