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Enjoying the sights of Colorado from a Wheelchair
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Enjoying the sights of Colorado from a Wheelchair

There is no parallel to the feeling of visiting the outdoors from time to time, surrounded by nature’s beauty while breathing in some fresh air. Many people think of going out for a walk or a hike as something very easy to achieve, but that is not always the case. Hiking for those with physical difficulties has often proven troublesome, as most hiking trails are only made for people with functioning limbs.

However, those who are handicapped in Colorado will not be hindered by their wheelchairs in order to achieve this anymore. The state’s wheelchair accessible hiking trails make excursions around Colorado attainable for wheelchair users. A few examples of such sites include Rocky Mountain National Park, Yampa River Core Trail, Uncompahgre River Trail, Mary Carter Greenway, Farmers' High Line Canal Trail, and Elmer's Two Mile Creek Greenway.

Locating Trails

Although a vast number of parks and outdoor areas are required to facilitate those who are handicapped, based on the law laid down by the National Parks Services, it is still quite difficult locate them. Many local municipalities also remain unaware of such remarkable facilities which is an issue as far as the spread of awareness is concerned.

Web-based Maps

A number of new websites, such as Trail Link, which have recently sprung up offer detailed maps that provide easy and thorough directions to these areas (be sure to use "wheel chair accessible" in the keyword search). Each wheelchair accessible trail or park has honest reviews on these websites, written by those who have visited them. There are even such reviews that make use of pictures and videos of disabled people enjoying the trails. This is done so as to let prospective visitors know of any obstacles they may come across, as well as to ensure them that the reviewed places are safe and easy to access.

Such websites also provide the disabled users with information regarding the various activities they can take part in while on these trails. They can also find out which types of flora and fauna can be seen on the trail of their choice.

Safety and Accessibility Standards

Making it possible for the disabled members of the community to see Colorado’s natural sites from a wheelchair was not an easy task. Special care was given to making sure that the surface of the trails, their width, access points, and the grade of every slope was wheelchair friendly.

The trails are made up of three surfaces; limestone, concrete, and asphalt. Parking facilities and access point that are easy to locate have been provided. It has been ensured that most of the parks and trails meet the safety and accessibility standards set by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

It should be noted that some of the wheelchair accessible sites were damaged in the floods of 2013. This makes it even more important for people to check out some reviews of the sites they are thinking of visiting, so that they don’t run into any accessibility issues. Viewing the beauty of Colorado from a wheelchair has only been made possible after a lot of planning, but it is always prudent for the people to be careful so that their visit is an enjoyable one. 


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