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Companion  Animals Ignored
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Companion Animals Ignored

I woke up the other day and started having the pinching spasms that hurt but only lasted a few seconds. I had them on and off for that whole day and night and woke up locked in spasm mode. Anybody with spasms knows where I'm coming from. I don't know what anyone else's patterns are like, but my back and neck will lock down for days even with a patch. If you've read the story of Joey the rescue dog, I'm the person who he is currently considering making his person.

Now Joey, bless him, is not considered a service animal. I think I remember reading as I've read through disability history, that they used to have an exception for companion animals much like they now have only for service animals. Here is a link to one study where medicare agrees that companion animals are good for the elderly How A Pet Dog Can Help Boost Your Health and another Dogs and Pets Provide Health Benefits This is three minutes of net searching and there are probably 30 more articles on that site alone, which leads me directly to the question: Why aren't companion animals with disabled owners given the same privileges as say, a service animal? Is this our country's way of saying we matter less then the elderly or Aids victims? What does all of this have to do with Me and Joey and bad back spasms?

Well, there are still haters out there and business owners who would rather turn a blind eye to it all. Well, I won't treat the pain tomorrow so that I will have him to deal with on full pain, showing my doubters just how strong my will power is. Rest assured, I will discuss the topic of animal companionship and why our government is ignoring it, because this is about living without limits.

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    #3 Companion Animals Rock!
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