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Confessions of a Holiday Junkie
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Confessions of a Holiday Junkie

I confess I am a Holiday junkie. I am not a kid anymore, I have young adult children myself. So, even THEY aren’t kids anymore! But as soon as it starts getting cold enough for a fire in the fireplace and Thanksgiving is around the corner. I start getting that holiday feeling... I can’t help it. My mother and grandmother and my Great Grandmother always made the Holidays special... So, here I am.. a 51-year-old former bodybuilder/Powerlifter... and I’m making cookies, or cooking pumpkin seeds or pies, and listening to Christmas songs in November. I refuse to tell you how many times each year I watch “ The Grinch” and any other Holiday movie you can think of. I love it all. It just makes me happy. My wife laughs at me... My kids laugh at me! I laugh at myself! You know why? Because I’m happy. Happiness and thankfulness are what this time of year is all about. I am thankful for my family and their tolerance of my Holiday Habit. The holidays are for everyone... young and old, the fit and not so fit, The holidays don’t discriminate against the disabled either. They are here to make us all smile and find hope during the cold winter months. If you find the holidays difficult try to remember what brought a smile to your face as a kid... then, maybe try putting a smile on someone else’s face. You might be surprised at the effect it will have on both you and the recipient of your random act of holiday cheer, even if it is.... early. So, go ahead, soak in the Yule fools... (like me!) Embrace your inner child, embrace the ones you love.... Have a cookie.... or two. Bring on the Egg Nog! ( too soon?) Keep Movin Y’all.

Happy Holidays!

Image credit: JD McPherson

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  1. Arnie Slater
    Arnie Slater
    Hey I meant to put a link to one of my favorite Christmas albums ( the picture I used for the article!) JD McPherson’s “Socks” a modern jazz/rock trip down memory lane... fun! Check it out on Spotify!
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