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Coronavirus Recommendations for the Disabled
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Coronavirus Recommendations for the Disabled

Coronavirus or COVID-19 is one of the fiercest pandemics the world has ever witnessed. The outbreak of coronavirus has everyone spooked, especially since no cure has been found and the world economy has been drastically affected. However, the best way to deal with this situation is to stay calm and healthy. Things are tough for EVERYONE, but there is a specific group of people that face higher risks and consequences of COVID-19. Disabled people, especially those with compromised immune systems face risks of severe illness or death if they contract the virus because their immune systems are already generally compromised and fighting two different illnesses is very taxing on the body.

We have put together these coronavirus recommendations for the disabled in hopes of helping to keep our users and follower safe during these trying times.

Have sufficient backup caregivers

You may have a professional caregiver working for you to help you with daily routine work, but what should you do in case of a coronavirus outbreak? It is very important that you have backup caregivers ready in case your regular caregiver cannot make it to work due to illness any other reason. It is always to have 2 or 3 backup caregiver options in the event that your primary caregiver can’t visit you.

Have at least a week of non-perishable food

Another important tip from our coronavirus recommendations for the disabled is to have a healthy supply of non-perishable food items in your home. In the case that your caregiver or primary shopper can’t reach you or shop for you, you should limit your trips to the supermarket as a means to limit your exposure to the virus. If you must make a supply run, call your local grocer ahead of time and request a personal shopper help you ahead of time or use a service to shop online and pick-up instore like Instacart.

Stay prepared with a safety stock of medicines

During the coronavirus pandemic, it is possible that you may not be able to visit your primary care physician or visit your local pharmacy to refill prescriptions. You should contact your doctor and see if they can write you a prescription for an extended time frame as a way to limit your trips to the pharmacy. You may also ask your friends, family members and any other available support with help picking up your prescriptions, or even contact number of the pharmacy so you can call and ask I they offer home delivery.

Use disinfecting wipes on items that are frequently touched

The best way we all know to fight the coronavirus is to maintain hygiene. It is very important that you wash your hands regularly and make sure to regularly clean the spots around your home that are often touched like telephone, doorknobs, refrigerator handle, wheelchair controls, lifting device controls, etc with disinfectant wipes. This will help kill the germs around your home, resulting in lesser chances of spreading the virus. Always keep the disinfecting wipes available with you so you can clean any surface you may come in contact with.

If you are living alone, it is very important to stay prepared with the best coronavirus recommendations for the disabled. Additionally, always keep a backup plan ready so you can find immediate assistance if necessary. Stay safe!

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