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Creating Your Own Design
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Creating Your Own Design

Do you stare down challenges  everyday?  I know I do!  But there is one place where all barriers should be erased, my home.  My home sweet home!

"Every day since my injury I have looked for ways to push beyond my physical limitations as a quadriplegic and face challenges with openness and gusto. Whether from the struggle of raising a child from the confines of my wheelchair to overcoming attitude barriers.

But when it came to finding a home that fit my new special needs, I was shocked at the lack of options and understanding by builders-by anyone or that matter.

My search began.   I had to start from scratch.  I first designed an outline of things that were high priority for me:

  • Equitable Use and Cost effective
  • Flexibility in Use.  I wanted a home that would serve my needs as well as functioning for my husband and children.
  • Low Physical Effort. Every modification needed to add quality of living and provide me with the best possible solutions with minimal stress on me physically.
  • Size and Space Maximized

These key components assisted in  educating my builder.  

As the building process began, I shared my accessible home ideas with others.  This journey lead me to map out design ideas that lend to a high-performance, livable home.  Today, I have a collection of floor plans that offer state of art universal design.  All of which have these unique design elements to choose from:

  • Linear drains for a curb-less shower
  • Pullout bowls, cutting boards and racks next to the sink create a work space without needing to move from the sink.
  • Solid surface floors throughout. Cork flooring is  an environmentally friendly option that reduces noise and is durable and soft underfoot. It is the latest trend in Universal Design.

I live everyday staring down challenges. My home is place where those obstacles have been erased. Build or modify your home that helps you live a similar life of independence. You deserve it!

Live freely!

Leslie Ostrander

Consultant, Blogger, Mother, Wife, and Quadriplegic

Built 4 Living Design

Image credit: CEFutcher

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