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Curvy Kate Campaigns for Realistic Beauty
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Curvy Kate Campaigns for Realistic Beauty

Models have always been envied for their extraordinary beauty and perfection. This is why, when Curvy Kate got a special model who was wheelchair-bound, it made waves across the state. Gemma Flanagan chose to be the face of disabled people the world over to show that sexy isn’t always about perfection.

What drove Flanagan to take this step?

It was five years ago that 34 year old Gemma Flanagan was diagnosed with Guillain Barre Syndrome, which resulted in her being bound to her wheelchair. When everything changed so suddenly, she had to once again, begin learning to love her new body.

Although paralysed, she didn’t give up but went to various rehabilitation centres, trying to rebuild her life and learning to function normally once again. Despite this disheartening illness, Gemma continued to keep a positive outlook and was grateful to have emerged successfully from something so negative.

It was during her period of recovery that Gemma came across the Models of Diversity movement. The whole concept of every different person being represented in the fashion industry appealed to her because from being an average girl who could identify with these models, she was now a wheelchair-bound person with no one to relate to. This was how Curvy Kate got a special model to be a part of their new campaign.

Did Flanagan’s move leave an impact?

Flanagan stated that although the reality of the world we live in is laced with diversity, this wasn’t adequately represented in the fashion industry. The fashion industry still seemed to cater to exceptionally beautiful people, making it barely relatable to the remaining majority. After all, a large amount of business is provided by the general population so they ought to be significantly represented.

Given that the fashion industry is powerful and has a significant influence on the lives of many people, particularly the younger crowd, it was imperative that they portrayed images more responsibly, if they really wanted to make an impact. This is precisely what Curvy Kate went on to do.

How did curvy Kate make waves?

By having a collection that propagated inclusivity, Curvy Kate brought in a range of diverse women who would speak to different kinds of audiences. From models having cancer to those that suffer from alopecia, their new range of lingerie models is certainly seeking to create a new norm in the fashion industry.

This is all part of an attempt being taken up by a few companies in the fashion industry, to let the women they portray have their own voice and shine by themselves, not because they are perfect but simply because they love who they are.

Known for being a lingerie giant, Curvy Kate does not seem hesitant to change the way in which people view models and beauty. After all, beauty lies in the eye of the beholder so why not make it more relatable? It goes without say that Curvy Kate getting a special model in this edition of their campaign has broken boundaries that previously separated the disabled, showing that diversity should certainly be the norm and not a novelty.

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