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Custom Wheelchairs Are the Future
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Custom Wheelchairs Are the Future

It is no secret that with the passage of time and the evolution of technology, wheelchair designs are being updated at a constant pace. People are coming up with futuristic concepts for wheelchairs, boasting features like automated movement based on mental signals.

However, not many manufacturers have actually produced such an evolved form of a wheelchair for consumers so far. This is about to change, thanks to Layer – a company that is showing the world that custom designed wheelchairs are the future of assisted mobility.

Design that Revolves Around the User

Layer is a company that believes in designing their products that have a lot to do with human experience. With their latest wheelchair design, they are hoping to bring manual mobility that is more comfortable than ever before, to more users around the world.

The GO wheelchair, as the company is calling it, is to be designed keeping in mind individual needs of the users. Every wheelchair will have a custom design based on the biometric information of its individual user. This means that the wheelchair will be more comfortable and suited to that particular user’s needs, leading to a much better user experience than with standard wheelchairs in the market.

3D Printing Technologies making it happen

In order to bring custom designed wheelchairs to consumers in the near future, the company has chosen to use 3D printing technologies for the manufacturing process. The wheelchairs will be created out of a resin that is semi-transparent and a thermoplastic polyurethane plastic that is shock-absorbing. A titanium foot bay that is also made to suit individual user requirements will be added as well.

All of this is being achieved thanks to the 25 years of expertise that 3D printing company Materialise boasts. The two companies have worked on this new wheelchair for over six months. They were careful to incorporate the suggestions and concerns that came from various wheelchair users as well as medical professionals. Thanks to this cooperation, Layer was also able to identify the need to make their wheelchair stay in place during wet conditions. They are hoping to achieve this by adding wheels that can lock into place in such situations.

A Future Soon to Come

Unlike many other concept wheelchairs that are surfacing from various designers, the GO wheelchair is to be unveiled later this month at the London Clerkenwell Design Week. There, people will be able to see the design for themselves and experience the difference that a custom designed wheelchair can bring for wheelchair users around the world.

Layer has really brought something very meaningful to the table as far as modern wheelchair design is concerned. It is important to understand the needs of wheelchairs users – people who have to rely on a mobility device every day. To design a wheelchair that addresses each individual’s requirements and is created around their biometric data is a new idea, and Layer sure has captured the attention of many. Only time will truly tell whether custom designed wheelchairs are the future of assisted mobility, but we remain hopeful that Layer can deliver on its promise.

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