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DIY Style Guide: 5 Tips for Wheelchair Users
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DIY Style Guide: 5 Tips for Wheelchair Users

Being in a wheelchair comes with a unique set of challenges with regard to fashion. Clothing that is cute, comfortable, and adaptable to your wheelchair isn't always easy to find.

While companies like ASOS are starting to see the value in making adaptive clothing, sometimes the best option is to do it yourself. You know better than anyone on what you need in your clothing, so why not try your hand at some ways to make your clothing fit your needs? Keep reading for some of the best ways to DIY your style. 

1. Consider how your pant length will change your look 

Pants and skirts will ride up when you're sitting down, so think about what pant length is right for your look. If you want to add flair in an unexpected place, pick out socks that make a statement when they're exposed by your pants. Even if you don't want to bother with the difficulty of sewing clothes, you can use hem tape to help shorten a skirt in the back but keeping its length in the front, making it a better fit for you and your wheelchair.

While we're talking about pants, don't assume your pants have to be solid black or denim. Prints, especially printed leggings, can make your outfit stand out differently. You can also jazz up your outfit by adding personal touches, like an iron-on rhinestone decal or patch to more casual clothes.

2. Use jewelry and accessories to make a look yours without compromising your safety or comfort. 

Scarves, hats, pocket squares, ties, necklaces – there are so many ways to make an outfit suitable for your style without having to worry about how each item will work with your wheelchair.

The best part is that you can make these items yourself, even without tons of experience. Infinity scarves are great for any season, and you can make one yourself without sewing.

Making your own earrings or a big statement necklace can seem intimidating, but try out some beginner projects. You might be surprised by what you can make.

Making a scarf for cold weather is a perfect way to start knitting, and there are tons of great patterns to try. Accessories are a great way to start making DIY items, and for you to explore your own style. 

3. Don't be afraid to show off what you want to 

Being in a wheelchair does not mean you shouldn't show off some skin if you want to. Pick tops that show off your strong shoulders and arms, or put the spotlight on your collarbone with a boat neckline and fun necklace. Use a wide belt to accentuate your waistline. Making a belt isn't as difficult as it may seem, and you can create one that is the perfect item to show off some of your best features. 

4. Look for longer shirts, or add some length to your shirts yourself

Much as with pants, sitting in your wheelchair can change the way a shirt looks. Be aware that sitting can add extra bulk around your waist and that shirts that are cropped will hit your body differently.

Use this as an asset and look for extra-long shirts and tunics. These shirts will help you look longer, leaner, and be more comfortable in your chair. Try DIY-ing a sweatshirt, so it works for you and your look. You can even add length to a shirt you love that is a bit too short. This is a great project to try to see if you want to learn more about sewing. You could be sewing your clothes in no time!  

5. Dress up your feet in shoes that make your outfit pop

Sitting in a wheelchair means your feet are on display, so use this fact to show off a great pair of shoes. When it's appropriate for you and your wheelchair use, throw on the brightest, highest pair of heels that's out there.

This is one more place where you can show off your DIY skills to make your shoes fit your style. You can make removable shoe clips to add some seasonal style to shoes without making a permanent change to your favorite flats. Use fabric paint on a pair of white canvas tennis shoes or slip-ons to add color to a casual look. Either way, use your crafty skills to make your shoes pop. 

Once you start on the DIY path, you may not want to stop. Good news – you don't have to! Exploring your creative side with your style is a great way to make your look stand out. 

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