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Doctors Need Advocate for Our Quality of Life
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Doctors Need Advocate for Our Quality of Life

This is a special Blog to let you all know about what happened to me yesterday and why I did not blog.

I went to my doctor’s appointment. He ran some tests (as they always seem to do). Well, let me prefact this by saying that my doctor is 81 and really needs to retire. He misread an important test and made me go to the ER. When I got there, they put me through a whole battery of tests, and come to find out, he had been totally wrong.

I believe that when my Pastor came to see me in the hospital and pray for me, that Jesus fixed the problem. So for all you non-believers, you should know that I feel that I am home today by the Power of Jesus and of Prayer. I have to say, the credit for my strong faith, is due to Pastor Dr. Matthew St.John of Bethel Evangelical Free, here in North Dakota. He is an amazing human and amazing man of God! I thank God for Pastor Matthew St.John! This has really affected my health. Stress is not good for MS, and it makes my MS symptoms worse. I just can’t believe a doctor would not double check a questionable test like that, instead of putting someone through what I had to go through.

Talk about being terrified! How about being told that what was going on with you could kill you, and then finding out it was just miss-read.  I think it should be the norm to recheck before they make a snap judgment on something as important as a person's health. If they don’t, I'm afraid quality of life will be adversely affected for many more folks just like me.


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  1. Wheelzup
    It sounds like it's time for a new doctor or at least ask your current one to double check with him/her to be sure that the treatment is the right one for you. My family doctor told me and my parents flat out that he really wasn't up to speed with spinal cord injuries. He recommended a couple of specialists and things work out well. It won't be long before he retires so he has been including one of the other doctors in his group on my treatment so I can stay in the same group. I've been there for over 45 years now.
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