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Dance, Dance Just like Her!
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Dance, Dance Just like Her!

Gabriela Fernand Torres, a 37-year-old Argentinian woman, was involved in a car accident when she was just 2 years old. The incident left her paralyzed from the waist down. Though Gabriela grew up using a mobility device, it did not stop her from falling in love with dancing. 

As Gabriela grew up, her love for dancing also deepened. Even on her wheelchair, she would move rhythmically, then sway and just be lost in the music. She then dreamed of dancing and performing in front of many people, where they will look at her as someone who can dance gracefully like other professional performers.

Her determination and motivation to dance landed her in the World Tango Championships. On August 21 this year, Gabriela and her partner Pablo Rafael Pereyra wowed the audience as they showed their dance routine.

During the preliminary classification round held in Buenos, Aires, Gabriela wore an elegant black dress and confidently moved in sync with the music. Pablo, on the other hand, calmly yet fascinatingly danced with Gabriela and gently dipped her as part of their routine. At one point, he even lifted her from her wheelchair which earned a standing ovation from the audience.

The pair gave their all during their performance. Gabriela said that she has never been so happy her entire life and so free and joyful when she performed on that day. She even said that dancing feels so liberating; she could dance like that forever.

After their beautifully stunning performance, Gabriela hoped that the judges will be fair in assessing and evaluating her and her partner. She did not want them to give her any special treatment. She wanted them to acknowledge her and Pablo as artists and professional dancers.  


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