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Dashing through the Snow... Wearing down my shoes...
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Dashing through the Snow... Wearing down my shoes...

By now you know about my quest for “The Shoes” that hold up under the abuse that those of us with CP put our shoes through. We drag them across asphalt, and concrete. We crash through the mud, and the rain, and now… the snow and ice! Nothing stops us. Hopefully, nothing stops anyone from doing what they need to do... But, you folks here know that those of us with disabilities who choose to push farther than anyone guessed we could... Well, we put our shoes through a unique type of Hell. I am on a quest to find shoes that can withstand the abuse that active disabled people dish out! We ARE human crash test dummies. It’s just who we are! We walk, run, trip, fall, and crash! 

Then we get up and do it all again! Everyday. I have CP. I am 51, and I am an athlete. I was a Bodybuilder and powerlifter in my youth. Now, I walk.  A lot!

I have walked my way through 5K, 10K, and Marathon events. I am about to begin a 50.5-mile challenge through a group called YesFit. This is a virtual marathon. It is an online challenge you can do at your own pace, on your own time. Here is a link to the race I signed on for

I just recently completed this one through another virtual race group called VRC: Virtual Run Club.

I think these races are fantastic for athletes with disabilities. Check em out!

Now, about the shoes! If you follow my posts  ( and if you don’t…. please do!) you know Nike sent me an awesome pair of Nike Zoom Pegasus 36’s with the FlyEase zipper feature in September. I have been keeping the folks at Nike updated on the wear and tear that happens to my shoes as I use them as I normally do. I alternate the shoes that Nike sent me with a slightly older pair of Nike Zoom Pegasus shoes that I had just gotten before I got the new 36’s. This helps both shoes last a little longer. Again, this is something I normally do to cut down on wear on the toes of my shoes. However, with CP… as hard as I try to avoid it, my shoes always develop holes in the toe. For me, it is particularly my left shoe that “dies” first. If I have a shoe that lasts longer than 6 months... it’s a miracle. So, you can see that this is a big issue for most active people with CP.  We abuse our shoes. We cannot help it. So, my goal is to find a pair of shoes that can last longer than 6 months… or, find a solution to the terrible toe problem! I am hoping that my continued communication with Nike will help THEM find a solution for the athletes out there like you and me! Until then…. until my shoes have no soles and my toes meet the road... Keep Movin Y’all.

And Merry Christmas!



Image credit: Arnie Slater

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