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Overheating in a Wheelchair: How to Deal With It
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Overheating in a Wheelchair: How to Deal With It

Being in a wheelchair for long period of time can be very taxing on the body in several ways. Overheating of the back is a common issue in the summer. This lack of ventilation not only puts a lid on cooling in the back, but also leads to accumulation of sweat, and irritation.

In order to keep cool, especially on hot days and/or while exercising, different people adopt various methods, which comprise using a portable fan and water spray in order to imitate sweat, using wet towels for the same purpose or just wearing ice vests to cool down instantly.

To avert cardiovascular damage during exercising, athletes are cooled down using water hoses. If relevant cooling does not happen in time, the wheelchair user will be left vulnerable to hypothermia, nausea or even heart failure in the worst-case scenario.

A new device dubbed, WheelAir is currently on Kickstarter looking for crowdfunding. The device is touted out as an easy way to keep the back cool and cozy without burning a hole in your pocket. The campaign kicked off June 1, pledged of £30,000 (about $38430) goal, with 73 backers and still 14 days to go. As far as its success so far is concerned, the campaign has earned £9,235 (at the time of writing).

The WheelAir is basically a back pad that draws power from a battery and fits just about any standard wheelchair, emitting rush of air onto the back, thus lowering moisture on the skin, and probably improving overall comfort.

The device simply slips over the backrest of a wheelchair and is based on the unique fan technology that quietly and softly blows cool air onto the wheelchair user's back, taking care of any surplus heat and moisture. The fan comes with four-speed setting and clicks on the bottom. It is reportedly capable of operating for a whole day on just a single charge.

The fan absorbs air from both sides of the WheelAir device and then pushes it onto the back of the user. The battery is rechargeable via a USB plug, and while the battery is still charging you can even wash it in a washing machine.

The WheelAir is the brainchild of a Glasgow-based startup called Staels Design, which is keen on enhancing accessibility for all while doing some social good at the same time. The company's upcoming product was recently tested for the first time by wheelchair users and much to their delight; the response has been nothing short of overwhelming.

Check out the video promoting the aforesaid WheelAir Kickstarter campaign. (Image: stevepb / Pixabay)

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