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Deputy Help Man After Wheelchair Breaks
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Deputy Help Man After Wheelchair Breaks

While on a visit to the beach in Flordia, this Pensacola man's wheelchair broke. What happened next may surprise you!

While on a visit to the beach in Flordia, this Pensacola man's wheelchair broke. Spencer Crumpton says he and his friend Sean Jones, 21, who was paralyzed in a car accident, were heading to the beach for the first time since Sean's accident. His accident was nearly three years ago. While heading down the beach, Sean's wheelchair broke. Some may think that this would immediately ruin the day. However, that was not the case.

Matt Robinson, a Deputy in Flordia, stepped in to help the men. Spencer flagged Matt down and he was more than happy to help the two men get to their favorite fishing spot. Matt helped get Sean on to the front of his ATV and drove the men down to their fishing spot on the shoreline. Spencer, Sean's friend, said that Sean enjoyed the ride and what "ecstatic". 

“He was laughing the whole time,” Spencer said. 

Then a Go Fund Me page was created to get Sean a new wheelchair. The page has raised over $2,000. The page is currently not accepting any more donations. 

What can we learn from this?

The job of a cop, a sheriff, and a deputy is to keep people safe. They also have the job of helping those who are in need of it. We can learn a few things from this event. Not only can we learn that not all cops are bad but we can also learn the significance of helping others. Lending a helping had to someone in need can really start a chain reaction of kindness and support. Keep in mind, too, there is nothing wrong with asking for help if you feel like you need it. Don't be shy about helping or asking for help or to help. I'm sure there is a smiling face ready to jump into action.

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    That’s awesome!
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    Arnold Slater
    That's great!
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  3. tintin333
    wow that's really nice from them. i wish they would all be like him. just my two cents. Tintin from
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  4. bobbrencher01
    You have a very good heart deputy.
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