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Differently-Abled Community Resort To Using Creative Ways For Spreading Awareness About Coronavirus
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Differently-Abled Community Resort To Using Creative Ways For Spreading Awareness About Coronavirus

While the coronavirus is spreading around the world, many disability rights-based companies are trying to spread awareness about this virus using podcasts and videos. But its also important for the government authorities to increase their speed.

The Chennai-based mental health NGO called The Banyan is spreading awareness by teaching how to wash your hands properly through some tutorial videos. These videos are played in the Tamil language and with English subtitles.

Dr. K. V Kishore Kumar, Director of The Banyan said, they have no idea that from where and when this virus can get them. The information which is given by the government about coronavirus is taking seriously by a less amount of people. They have posted small videos of coronavirus so that they can be shared easily. The members of The Banyan are the speakers in these videos.

"Six videos have been created so far and they are all informally shot except for one that we have created with Apollo Hospital. That will be shared on YouTube. The rest we are sharing with our groups through WhatsApp. These are small kits that will engage people," Kishore added.

Dr. Aishwarya Rao who is a Disability rights activist has teamed up with Firstpost and has started podcasts to give the world knowledge about coronavirus.

Dr. Aishwarya who is the owner of the Better World Shelter, Chennai, which a shelter for women with disabilities said, for a long time, she has been thinking to start podcasts related to issues like medical, public health, and vulnerable population. This week she has done one podcast every day. The goal is to connect this pandemic to how health should matter to everyone. You can have a look at Dr. Aishwarya’s podcast here.

Many disability rights groups have started taking some similar efforts. For instance, there are sign language videos posted by the Maharastra-based, State Level Association of Deaf (SLAD) of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speeches related to coronavirus.

Image credit: adamtepl / Pixabay

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