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Disabilities & Independence
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Disabilities & Independence

Disabilities and Independence,

Those of us with disabilities can never be Independent, why? Society believes all they need is a Handicap Parking spot, two hand bars in a bathroom, and add a 1-large bathroom stall to indicate Handicap accessible. That's the problem with today's meaning of Disabilities. It has become the lastest theme to have a handicap parking tag? Look around and take note of that parking in HP spots. How can those who have a Disability with walking, balance, stability, a walker, or a wheelchair become Independent? When people who can walk with no problem, have no balancing issues, do not need a walker or a wheelchair. But, they are considered Disabled & need an HP spot to park.

Our Laws are written to protect those with a Disability however, instead they allow almost anyone who has anything wrong to be considered in the arena of Disabled! People with minor problems want to be considered Disabled for the"perks" of parking spots, getting in line first, and etc... But they do not want the Disability that comes with those "perks"! 

Until those Laws are changed and Disabilities has been broken apart piece by piece. We as a society will never allow someone like my self to be Independent!!

I go into stories all over Tampa Bay that are not suited for anyone that has a "Mobility Disability"!!

Listen, I get it that PTSD is real, but they're only a handful of cases where the individual actually goes out of a house. So, I ask WHY a parking spot? Yes, mental issues are real, again HOW does that constitute a parking spot?? Someone said to me, but they might have a problem walking from a parking lot spot. Ok, then why are they there by themselves? But of course, now the problem is even bigger? Because that normal individual running errands will use that HP parking spot.

This is not about parking spots. This is about becoming Independent! 

People with a Mobility Disability are paid "on average $9000 yearly".

What about having to "Remodel your home to live Independently?

And the many other items that those who have some normalcy never face.

Has anyone woke-up Yet? It cost an individual with Disabilities $5000-$20,000 more per year to live, Hello.

What do you say?

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  1. Jesus on wheels
    Sorry, I had been writing this from 2-days ago. I meant people with Disabilities are paid $9000 on the average "less" per year. And yet it takes those same folks $5000-$20k per year more to live some type of normalcy. Sorry. God bless.
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