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Disability Products Increasing Independence in the Bathroom
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Disability Products Increasing Independence in the Bathroom

Independence in the bathroom is an aspect of every day living that many of us take for granted. But for those living with limited mobility, having the ability to complete personal hygiene tasks with as much independence as possible is sometimes just a dream many wish to attain. Thankfully, there are several products today that are giving independence back to those who need it most, allowing individuals with mobility issues to make completing the daily routine in the bathroom possible. Check out some of the most unique aids for the bathroom below:

Seats of all sorts

Shower seats, bath chairs, and toilet seats of all sorts have been developed for different mobility needs in the bathroom. Swivel seats, like the Swivel Bather from Abergele Mobility is designed to attach to the side of a bathtub, allowing for easy transfer out of a wheelchair or for someone who may have difficulty bending their legs to enter and exit the bath tub. The seat allows the user to sit on the chair, facing outwards, then swivel the seat to spin themselves into the inside of the tub. The seat goes for £299 on Other seat options for the bathroom can be purchased to raise the height of the toilet seat, alleviating any bending or crouching motions, or stools that are water-resistant and can turn a shower made for the able-bodied into an accessible option for someone who may not be able to stand for the duration of a shower.

Reachers and Applicators

Several options for reaching during bathing and toileting are available for individuals. Toilet reachers, sponges with long extension arms for washing, and even applicators for applying lotion in hard to reach places are available. The Roll A Lotion Massager and Applicator is just one example from The lotion applicator allows the user to apply lotion while gently massaging his or her muscles without having to bend, reach, or simply skip applying lotion all together due to limited mobility.

Safety and Security

Safety and security in the bathroom is perhaps the most important aspect to consider when making improvements to increase an individual’s independence. Consider applying non-slip bath mats to the bottom of bath tubs, and non-slip backing to the underside of loose floor rugs. Several options for hooks and hangs can be purchased to keep towels and shower heads within easy reach so as to not have to reach up high and risk injury.

Many local disability organizations have gently used and refurbished options for equipment that can be purchased for a low cost. What other options for creating as much independence as possible in the bathroom have you tried? Share in the comments!

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