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Disability and an Act of Brotherly Love
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Disability and an Act of Brotherly Love

There is no denying the lifelong bond between two brothers and the bond between Noah, 8 and Lucas, 6 Aldrich is perhaps one of the strongest examples. The brothers have always been close, doing most everything together. They most recently competed in a triathlon together. But what makes this triathlon pairing unique is that younger brother Lucas was born with a disability that severely limits his mobility and range of motion. Spending most of the time in a wheelchair, unable to compete in most of the same activities that other little boys do his age, older brother Noah did not want to compete without his brother by his side.

In an act of bravery and strength Noah entered into the triathlon, trained, and competed with his brother, adapting the triathlon activities to accommodate his brother’s ability. A traditional triathlon consists of running, biking, and swimming. For the running and biking portion of the race, Noah pushed his little brother in front of him by attaching a push bar to the back of a bike seat which then attached to Noah’s bicycle for the bicycle leg of the race.

By the time they reached the swimming required portion of the triathlon, Lucas transferred to an inner tube that Noah attached to himself so his brother could be right by his side as he swam to complete the race.

Over the past week, this act of brotherly love has gained attention in the national media, with their story even appearing on shows like Good Morning America. While the media has put a slant of “inspiration” to the story, Noah and Lucas’ teamwork delivers an important message about teamwork and what each member of a team contributes regardless of their ability.

In the end, the brothers finished together, as a pair. In the boys’ minds, they completed it as equal partners, even though they were differently abled. While Noah may have provided the physical strength needed to complete the physical requirements of the race, Lucas’ presence surely gave Noah the support and companionship he needed along the way and a partner to celebrate with when all the hard work was over.

All in all, the Aldrich brother’s story could be called “inspiring,” not because Lucas has a disability, but rather because of the dedication they have to each other and the strength they give one another. If they can make it through a triathlon together, they can make it through anything. This story teaches us that no hurdle in life is too big to find a way to overcome.

Have you heard about the Aldrich brothers? What do you think of their story? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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