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Disability and the role of sports
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Disability and the role of sports

15 percent of the world’s population lives with some form of disability, and most of them continue to encounter frequent discrimination socially, economically, politically, and culturally. It is pertinent to promote the social inclusion of people with disabilities in sports and the overall cultural consciousness. There are several benefits for people with disabilities who participate in sports, since being involved in sports help in enhancing the health, well being, and general quality of life. 

It is critical to ensure that people with disabilities attain their full potentials through physical sporting activities. A need for the formulation and implementation of strategies that ensure quality experiences in sport and physical activity for people living with disabilities across structures and communities is important. We need to develop suitable fitness opportunities for people with disabilities throughout their course of life. Therefore, it is important to provide access for people living with disabilities to sporting equipment. There are many adaptive versions of almost all the sports out there.

Access to sporting activities and physical exercise should be offered through adaptive competitive and recreational sport. Adaptive sports need to be incorporated and planned into basic education strategies, public and private sporting events, and structures. Sport is very important for people with disabilities, since participating in sports comes with myriad short term and long term benefits, self helps improve a number of health issues. Sports help in building self-esteem and social skills. Therefore, it is prudent to eliminate all kinds of hurdles by creating more accessible gym and sporting equipment. The provision of adaptive sporting equipment may help people with disabilities participate and enjoy sporting activities.

Sport is a physical therapy that can give people with disabilities physical improvements including enhanced cardiovascular aerobic levels, stronger muscles, and improved motor skills. Furthermore, a sporting environment creates cooperation, teamwork, working towards goals, in addition to handling disappointments and defeats. 

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