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Disabled Mannequins Was a Great Step
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Disabled Mannequins Was a Great Step

Mannequins, for a lot of people are a representation of perfection – perfect body, with the perfect curves, perfect slender arms and legs. If they were alive, many would have envied them. But what if mannequins are made disabled?

Made to model famous brands of clothing, mannequins are designed with the best body features. Though nonliving, many men and women look up to them because they seem to have the perfect body anyone wants to have.

Mannequins are created to help make sales or increase profit by wearing the best and latest dresses, jeans, swimwear and other types of clothing featured by famous brands. They are to model different featured denims and other attires. But what if the mannequins modeling those branded clothes are scoliotic, or even with shorter limbs?

Pro Infirmis is a Swiss charitable organization for disabled people. This organization created an awareness campaign with the catchy tagline “Who is perfect? Come Closer”, wherein a series of disabled mannequins were created and displayed in a certain shop. A certain clothing brand and shop, Zurich’s Bahnhofstrasse, displayed five mannequins that were scoliotic, have shorter limbs and on a wheelchair. The life size mannequins were made using the measurements of chosen individuals:

  • Jasmin Rechsteiner – Miss Handicap 2010
  • Alex Oberholzer – film critic and radio host or radio presenter
  • Urs Kolly – track and field athlete
  • Nadja Schmid – blogger
  • Erwin Aljuki – actor

The mannequins were displayed in Zurich clothing windows, gaining attention and astonished looks from people who passed by the big glass. The mannequins were modeling branded clothes, and people who happen to have a glanced at them and some of them wondered, a few of them laughed, and there are those who were moved and took pictures of that unique display.

Pro Infirmis made this idea into reality to create awareness and provoke reflection on the acceptance of people with physical limitations and disabilities. The campaign aimed to let people in the country and even across the globe to understand that disabilities are not a hindrance and those who have physical impairment should be accepted and not criticized. The disabled mannequins were a great step towards that goal.

The organization wanted people to realize that nobody is perfect, and no matter what the imperfection is, everyone is beautiful in his or her own way. Pro Infirmis is dedicated and particularly committed to the welfare of the disabled people, the acceptance of their disability and as human beings and their inclusion in the society.

The campaign made by the Pro Infirmis in recognition to the people with disabilities, on the International Day of Persons with Disabilities draw attention and hopefully positive reaction and eventually acceptance. The campaign was also captured in a short and inspiring video wherein it showed how the mannequins were measured, created and designed, and how those five individuals reacted looking at their replica.

The disabled mannequins modeling Zurich clothing was a great step in helping others realize that disabilities and physical limitations are things that should not be laughed at but understood and accepted.


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  1. Raeanne Woodman
    I use a wheelchair and I would also be happy to purchase some of their clothing. I want to support an insightful company that represents people with disabilities.
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