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Young Girl in Wheelchair Refused Entry in Sussex Venue
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Young Girl in Wheelchair Refused Entry in Sussex Venue

A young girl with a disability has left the Sussex golf venue in tears after being refused entry. The authorities did not give access to five-year-old Summer, as the venue was ‘not wheelchair friendly’. The incident certainly made Summer, who is suffering from Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus, upset and disappointed. Summer’s case is not an unusual one – so many people with disabilites face discrimination and negligence from different areas. 

Summer, full of energy, doesn't let her disabilities hold her back. The little girl came to the venue along with her family after taking an hour’s drive to play golf. The authorities did not allow entry to her with her wheelchair because there was not sufficient space inside. Unfortunately, it was an indoor venue, completely different from usual large outdoor golf courses. The organizers of the event could understand the feelings of Summer but they were helpless due to the lack of adequate space inside.

Everybody agrees that people with disabilites have the right to visit such venues and enjoy different activities just like able-bodied people. In most cases, people with disabilities do not get entry at crowded areas due to safety and health reasons. Many such golf courses and nightclubs do not give access to people with wheelchairs due to lack of space. In this case, the cost of retail space in Brighton is very high and a small independent family business does not have the resources to transform their golf course to pushchair or wheelchair friendly. Not all venues and public places are wheelchair-friendly and it is not always possible for them to make sudden adjustments to give access to people with disabilities. 

Even though the organizers of the golf course prohibited entry to Summer to play golf, they have planned to meet with her and her family. It should be a good proposal from them to let her play on the golf course out of hours. She would be able to play the game after normal hours when it is closed. Venues are required to make reasonable adjustments or changes in order to make them accessible even to the people with disabilities so they are able to enjoy the same opportunities as their able-bodied friends. 

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