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Disallowed To Take Physical Assessment
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Disallowed To Take Physical Assessment

Walmart rejected a job applicant and debarred her from taking a pre-hiring physical test and hence did not hire the applicant. The United States body responsible for ensuring equal employability for all, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), has prosecuted Walmart regarding the mentioned incident.

According to the proceedings, the applicant was born with a right arm deformity. She was seeking for the Freight Handler position at Walmart’s Circulation Centre in Ochelata, Okla. Previously she had lifted weights to 200 pounds without any help from prosthetics. When she was asked for accommodation regarding the assessment, she declined. However, Walmart didn’t allow herself to get herself evaluated without prosthetics.

Such a reported manner of treatment violates the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) as per the amendments. After trying to reach a pre-litigation clearance and failing, obviously, through its reunion process, the EEOC finally filed a case in the United States District Court of Oklahoma. EEOC seeks out for financial damages, placement of anti-discrimination symbols in the workspace and injunction.

The EEOC regional attorney Andrea G. Baran in Saint Louis said that it was a clear case of an employer forming an opinion based on the obvious physical disability. He added that the ADA amendment was done to prevent this type of bias with people with disabilities. The director of EEOC, L. Jack Vasquez St Louis also said that Employers cannot make any assumption if a person with a certain disability can do a job or needs some accommodation facility.

EEOC has warned about these stereotypes, for a very long time. When these stereotypes are followed without judgment, it can give rise to discrimination. While evaluating the applicants, the employers are free to ask them to prove their capability of performing a certain task. Randy Lewis has worked as an integral part of logistics and supply chain. He told people that a problem-solving attitude is the most important thing.

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