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Do You Enjoy Your Work?
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Do You Enjoy Your Work?

 I know that if I enjoy the work I am doing then I will do it better and produce results above what is expected. How many times do we take a job to support ourselves, our familes and not like the job, the people or something else within the company? If this is you (as it has been with me) the best recommendation I can give you is to: continue to do your best no matter what, strive to move onto another position that you will enjoy and wish fellow coworkers well. If you have found your calling and are happy, then congratulations! Many times we just haven't found what we are suited to do for one reason or another. I can say from personal experience don't give up. It will happen when you least expect. You will come across something that fits you. It may be something you've never tried or previously tried but didn't follow thru.

     One way to get through a position that tries your patience, is to talk with a trusted family member or friend. They can offer words of advice or just listen as you vent. Another suggestion is to keep a diary or journal to jot down how you feel, what occurs during the day or week, etc. This will give you a way to "get it out of your system" so to speak in a healthy way.

    One thing to keep in mind is not to compare yourself to another in the workplace. Everyone has skills or talents that add to the whole of the company. One may be a better negotiator while another drafts eye-catching designs to attract customers. Whatever your strong points are, use these to bring out the best you have.

     Enjoying your work is easier some days than others. Remember that you always have a chance to do better and learn from errors that occur from time to time. You never know what you can do until you try. If you are unfulfilled in a position there is nothing wrong with moving on. It only means you will be a better person for you and the new job that is just around the corner!




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  1. Teresa Thomas
    Teresa Thomas
    j kess 123, thanks for this little tidbit. I am finding myself not liking the very job that I have. I have been with an organization called Jack IN The Box off and on for the better part of 10 years. Yes, I can do just about everything that is required of me, but all in all, it does get tiring after a while. Therefore, I need to find something else to do instead of fast food. I tried my hand at a department store which was Target. I liked working there. I'm going to try and get me another job at a Wall Mart. I've always wanted to try to work for wall mart. Will vote for you. Remember to vote for yourself as well.
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    1. jkess123
      Hi Teresa, Thank You for your kind words. I can relate to your situation and coincidentally I worked for WalMart for a number of years and really liked the company. I know you will too. Good Luck in your new, you will do great!
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  2. sweedly
    I have worked at many jobs I hated. Sometimes it was not so much the job it's self but the boss or the people I worked with. Often times I had to do my work, as well as, theirs. The stress at work made things harder at home. But finally I found the best way to have a job I liked was to be self-employed. I started doing housekeeping for low pay and worked hard to get better pay. Managed twelve years before I had to give up jobs, but the point is never give up trying to find the type of work that makes you happy.
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    1. jkess123
      Hi sweedly I appreciate your comment. I can relate to what you are saying. It may take some time to find what "fits" you and gives you peace of mind. Writing, creating, etc. are great ways to work from home. Have you ever tried working for an online company that allows you to work from home? It would save time, gas $, etc. and some will let you set your own hours as long as the work gets completed. Good Luck Best to you for this New Year.
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  3. Lil Nana
    Lil Nana
    #4 Thank you for sharing
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